Reworked and Changed Ascendancy Classes in Path of Exile: Echoes of the Atlas

Amidst the nerfs and anger.

Berserker got +10 rage.
Haha, Rage go brrrrrr.
1 or 2 totem builds with Hierophant that get "used" (not even a lot, lets not even talk about beign meta) and GGG decide to nerf it and remove QoL of it...

Oh, but you can be playing ED/Contagion since it was released, beign pretty meta at the same way and have no problem...

I dont get it
Why did you have to staple the new Barrage interaction onto Far Shot? It could have made Galvanic Arrow actually interesting. Should have put it on the +2 Projectiles node.
This is a buff™
so which ascendency should i use for damage over time after this nerf?
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kanzaki01 wrote:
Those Assassin nerfs are overkill... (ALL movement speed removal)

But what about that guarantee Elusive when crit with 60% elusive effect bonus (10 from the small node)? That gives movement speed and dodge so that should definitely make up for it.

I think that is well worth it. It concentrates the stats to elusive which in turn gives others instead of getting a bunch of separate stats of RNG. I personally like less RNG so idk about you.

Gain Elusive on Critical Strike
50% increased Elusive Effect

50% chance to gain Elusive on Critical Strike
15% increased Attack and Cast Speed while Elusive
8% reduced Damage taken while Elusive
25% increased Elusive Effect
RIP Bleeding

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