Reworked and Changed Ascendancy Classes in Path of Exile: Echoes of the Atlas

Im sad about these nerfs
Lvzb3l wrote:
Exile009 wrote:
Lvzb3l wrote:
GGG: Yeah guys we gonna balance the game bla bla bla...


HH has been deliberately left untouched, as it's meant to serve as a twink chase item. There is no way to balance the effect it has - since it just borrows from the pool of rare monster mods which grant rare mobs the power to threaten us - that wouldn't mean nerfing it into irrelevance. See Replica Headhunter for a much weaker version - there's a reason that thing is much cheaper.

Headhunter is essentially separate from discussions around game balance - everyone agrees that it isn't balanced, but it also isn't meant to be.

The question here is WHY there's a need to maintain an item like HH untouched, and YES It can easily nerfed by tweaking the buff pool, as simple as that.

"everyone agrees that it isn't balanced, but it also isn't meant to be" Then WHY the need to balance everything else? MAybe they should balance all those USELESS skill gems who no one plays and they're like garbage content?

Because everything else is not a twink item. Rather than being chase goals, they're far more readily accessible. None more so than skill gems, which vendors sell for next to nothing.
Had a question about the slayer crit node that says base crit with weapons is 8.0 from 7.5 , is this a hard cap on base crit of 8.0 , so will getting the influence chest crit of 1.4x will take it to 9.5 or will it always be 8 regardless ?
U cant balance things with a Hammer ! why is there for u only one way of Change ? everytime if u try to balance things u turn them upside down. Thats not Balance.
so so many sad nerfs.

the hype is completely gone.

maybe you could try to make more builds viable instead of nerfing everything so that there are only a few meta builds left to do endgame content.
Those Assassin nerfs are overkill... (ALL movement speed removal)
yarakuro wrote:
Guys, remember that this is a Harvest league, Harvest crafts will destroy these drawbacks. Remember that Maeven's orb is coming, and some mods will get even more OP. Also, most builds lost what, 1M dps from their 10M total? Will this actually break your gameplay?

The changes to Assassin are kinda bad because he lost MS, this I will agree with.

The reintroduction of Harvest is absolutely different from what the league was. You have 0 influence on the crafts you may get because the groves are 1- pre-planted/pre-determined and 2- from my understanding, you need to pick which garden you harvest, sacrificing the other choice.

Will it give more option, yes. Will it be as OP, definitely not. You will have to be lucky and cycle way more through maps to obtain those crazy items, if you even can.
Inquisitor Pious Path "Consecrated Ground you create causes Life Regeneration to also Recover Energy Shield for you and Allies". Is this only for the 6% from consecrated ground or all life regen the character has?
Amidst the nerfs and anger.

Berserker got +10 rage.
Haha, Rage go brrrrrr.
1 or 2 totem builds with Hierophant that get "used" (not even a lot, lets not even talk about beign meta) and GGG decide to nerf it and remove QoL of it...

Oh, but you can be playing ED/Contagion since it was released, beign pretty meta at the same way and have no problem...

I dont get it

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