Reworked and Changed Ascendancy Classes in Path of Exile: Echoes of the Atlas

Could this have been posted in a more complicated and confusing way? why not just show old node left, new node right?
Limit3D wrote:
And i thought Cyberpunk 2077 release was raw

Im dying !!
Some changes are pretty cool, like Elementalist or Occultist are really nice, but I just can't help myself to not see a trend of removing general damage all over the place in both - notables and small passive nodes. I can't think of situation where this "decluttering" (or what your plan was) is going to help useless ascendancies like Raider.. or was it neccessary for Sabo or Necro? All the minions that needed nerfing got messed up already, was it really needed to smash the Necro with hammer aswell? It's possibly just "slowing the game down" to match the pace with PoE 2 sometime in next millenium, but it feels really weird and bad, even if I don't play or plan on playing affected classes. Weird approach.

Trash Ascendant gonna trash still, lol.
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Damage and Movement speed nerfs across the board... welp
Every ascendancy got their share from the damage nerfs. GGG thought we were dealing tons of damage I guess... Assa and Necro saddened me the most. I was hoping I could try Scion again but no, she hasn't improved.

(Cries in 250k dps)
Wudy wrote:
Just one thing, i dont understand the HEAVY Assasin Chaos Dmg Nerfs, i mean Poison wasnt really that strong anyway, so why?.

lol 20% of characters on heist start were phys spell assasins, bf and bw. it ok but any reason to nerf "critical" part of tree, branders and coc's were not even close that op.
instead of nerfing poison damage a lot they killed whole class.
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Aw man, can't wait to play around with these modifications and additions.
people that say "nice" and "awsome" 33 seconds after announcement post says A LOT about them... ;-P
WoW way to really gut raider
What the hell ? XDDDD

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