Reworked and Changed Ascendancy Classes in Path of Exile: Echoes of the Atlas

I can understand the nerfs for powercreep builds and their ascendencies, but why did you nerf hammered raider like this? its one of the least played classes and i didnt expect any buffs but anyway, got the hammer nonetheless. They probably did this kinda nerf storm because on atlas ascendencies some nodes were giving additional damage increase to our character, but still.


Look how they massacred my girl...

What a hilarious meme, Mistwalker...

Gut it, and then it goes from 50% chance to get Elusive to 100% now.
It was already up 100% of the time before... wtf is wrong with you

Opportunistic is also shit now.

Unstable Infusion gutted.
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I am ok with you nerfing almost everything GGG but you should atleast say it before make us HYPE for new awesome changes and then kill half of the classes.

I hope you atleast buffed a lot of skills to compensate the disaster of these huge nerfs.

RIP assassin/guardians. Bye
Ruining Path of Exile balance since 2014
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Well there goes half the excitement for this league.

MAAAAAYBE don't imply that the ascendencies will mostly be buffed, when many of them are fucking gutted. Kthnxbye
Epsynus wrote:
It's so beautiful! The nerfs are so beautiful!

The tears on here and on reddit are so hilarious, Just like every patch before this one, we will survive the nerfs and a new meta will form.

Exacly. Mine Necro has been hammered into the abyss, so I will try something with new elementalist instead :D
No need to cry.. ok maybe a little ;/
"Embrace the serene power that is undeath"
few classes I was looking for were nerfed, but not nerfed to the ground either. Just not as good as before. If there is a trade-off with the fact that new content can be powerful and more obtainable by targeting what gear/craft you can farm it might still be roughly the same at the end.

I was very hyped with the atlas reworked, less with this one. At the end of the day, I am looking forward to play so thanks for keep making this game interesting,
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Cool i see what you did to my raider i accept the 50% onslaught boost and the damage you took came back in exposure buff although its situational to proximity i can work with it
You increased spell dodge also
All and all an improvement but i did want more
sad to see herald support on elementalist gone.
rest is fine and with overall nerfs just as expected.

thanks for the rework. <3
TY GGG, this is the best balance post so far :D
Much Love
Judicas wrote:
Why not just delete ascendancy at this point? the massive amount of.... not even a nerf its just gutting the classes, is just dumb. Assassin nerfed trickster, nerfed,slayer nerfed gladiator nerfed, champion nerfed necro.... necro is just gone. Does anyone see anything that does not constitute a gutting of the ascendancies?

With this just make the game 1 class no ascendancy and make it all boring nodes, or make it a fixed node that is auto selected.

Well, I guess yet another league i can skip, been doing that a lot lately because of horrible decisions. Make the leagues boring people wont play. Kill any type of playstyle.... people also wont play.

On the bright side scion(Slayer) finally lost its -50% max life leech like wtf was that even there in the first place =)

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