How Patch Notes Get Made

cutting exalt drop rates in half,

You must be just joking, right?
As an old programmer (over 20 years of programming) I found some things... Disturbing.

We all know patch notes are a nightmare, and I think you guys do a good work. Thanks for sharing, you are not alone ;)
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Wait... I thought you told us you were already to launch in mid December.
You do a good job of putting in funny little one liners and cheeky remarks. Always thought that was Bex.
I think it should be considered unacceptable to miss a few things and let players tell you what you missed.
Stop thinking of players as if they work for you.

Mistakes happen,but you can't say "then we release the product and customers help to make it better" as your business policy.
This post really helped me appreciate moreso all the work that goes into making this game what it is. Thanks for all the work that goes into it for better or for worse. It definitely is not ezpz work.
♫99 unresolved bugs in the code♪
♪99 unresolved bugs!♪
♪Patch one out, commit all around...♪
♪117 unresolved bugs in the code!♫
SuperTaster wrote:
♫99 unresolved bugs in the code♪
♪99 unresolved bugs!♪
♪Patch one out, commit all around...♪
♪117 unresolved bugs in the code!♫

I lol'd
So to sum it up. Introduce a requirement to write a proper commit if the changes done is relevant for patch notes. By adding this as a routine the company and those that handle these patch notes could save a lot of pain and resources. Attack the problem at the source.

Especially the part where you mention things are not called the same in game as in code. That sounds like poor naming routines among the coders. After all these years there has to be a strict template they are following? No? If not I can totally see why the bugs are adding up so fast.

I used to work for a game dev as a sys admin. The previous sys admin had 0 ways of organizing his code. It was a nightmare going through the code trying to figure out what was causing issues. I basically had to do a complete rewrite of everything. Luckily they had proper standards for their games/game devs. I have seen some pretty bad examples where employees make such a mess in their code that it eventually would be too expensive for the company to replace them rendering them helpless when that person retires. I hope you never get to that point.
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Why 'get' made and not 'are' made?

"Get" can be used as a substitute for "be" in passive constructions.

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