How Patch Notes Get Made

just nerf molten strike and cyclone again.. too strong

and buff ED
Ruining Path of Exile balance since 2014
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exalted droprates cut in half? D:

out of all seriousness... i giggled alot reading this. you should put those jokes in the patchnotes for us to read too. would be fun. maybe make them another font so people get those are jokes... or put em in brakets. idk. but whoever the "me" is who wrote this post (i couldnt find a name) has a nice sense of humor. me liky.
☆*:.。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:*☆
This was both informative and hilarious. Thanks for writing this, and thanks for all your hard work, Nick!
Nice entertaining post.

I do really hope their software development methods are not represented accurately in this post, this seems like a "cowboy-management" (and maybe "cowboy-coding") shitshow. No non-dev should ever have to go through commit notes to track down a change, that's just wrong (and inhuman...).

If this shows their internal workings, well, I hope they do something to seriously change this, for the sake of the employees.... this is how we lose good, passionate people: by mismanaging them. Seen it/experienced it way too many times.

Up to GGG though.

Looking forward to the next league! Maybe this time I'll drop some money on packs, if it's good.

jesus lord
Thanks for your great work!
nerf aurastacker, ty.
IGN: NetflixAndFuck
Thank you for your blood and sweat on the patch notes each league. And thanks for this informative and entertaining post!
If you kill aurabots and aurastackers I hope you lose all your population. Catering to casuals is pathetic and disgraceful.
I greatly appreciate how detailed all patch notes are.

Nick, thank you and the whole team for your hard work and sharing the process with us.
I guess it's either 1 or 38,000. Nothing in between, right?

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