How Patch Notes Get Made

Funny, that all commits in the screenshot are Audio/Visual or UI tweaks

BTW How many commits are multiple things like "Icons added" then another "Icons moved (wrong folder)"?
Wow...what a huge amount of work.

It looks like a process that really needs some improvements.....Maybe it was working ok in the beginning but now it looks like a huge mess.
Patch notes is t most exciting read on this forum;) I’m glad that u guys take all t time to make them on top of working on t game it self!
"There is only one true god in PoE and that is Greed... "

I don’t need anger management, I need people to stop pissing me off!
For the uninitiated, Patch Notes Day is approximately as exciting as Christmas and your birthday combined, [..]

As someone who's birthday is on Christmas day let me assure you Patch Notes Day is even more exciting.

This comes with a drawback though. Sometimes Patch Notes Day is also more disappointing.
That's a beautiful sneak peek behind the scenes, loved the humor put into, thank you for that. Patchnotes are always fun to read and get excited over the upcoming league. Thank you for the article and the work you are doing.
Man, I love people at GGG.
thx for sharing. that was very interesting and written in an fun way.

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So there you have it. Now you know what goes into the patch notes. Now, you too, are cursed.

I lol'd.

Very interesting read! Thanks for sharing this literary piece of art, sprinkled with jokes and shattered dreams.
Secret about soft marshmallow hands has been leaked. Next patch notes: Take ~120h to write.

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