How Patch Notes Get Made

Man, it would suck if things in files were named differently than things in game. That would never fly at my work. It seems like it would be valuable for someone to standardize them. Though it would be a real dragon guarding gold scenario.
As a full stack developer, never knew the patch notes writing can consume such hours :O
Oh btw, my software patch notes are inspired with all the wording inside POE patch notes. Makes me easily to highlight changes and give more detailed explanation.

Thanks for that :)
That was a fun and interesting read. I just want to let you know that, as someone who enjoys reading patch notes in general and PoE patch notes in particular, I greatly appreciate your work.

Seriously though, reading patch notes for games I play or used to play is one of my favourite pastimes. And PoE notes are some of the most fun and interesting I've read thus far.
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This was actually really fun to read. Thanks Nick(?) for this post and all your team for the wonderful work you put into this game.
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enfeebled IRL?

Before we can publish out patch notes, they need to be formatted.

A typo in the first sentence after the paragraph about fixing typos. RIP.

These posts about the inner workings of developing PoE are really interesting, though. Keep them coming, please!
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Good stuff Nick :)

BTW, I will be reading the next Patch Notes in the voice of Gianna who told me that she put the cat in the microwave.....well at least that is what I thought I heard her say ;)
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"I will write silly jokes into patch notes to keep myself amused."
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Also, any idea when Community Director January12PST is going to start dancing like a monkey on Reddit? My holiday break is crippling me with intense boredom and PoE withdrawal symptoms.
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There it is again with the Mexican food joke. Sick of this offensive stereotype. You could have just said "food". For as PC as GGG pretends to be they don't even proofread this stuff to capitalize a country. Yet they time me out for some of the things I call them out on... nice, guys.
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