How Patch Notes Get Made

Ashriel wrote:
There it is again with the Mexican food joke. Sick of this offensive stereotype.

Care to explain how having spicy food in your culture, and other people referencing it, is offensive?
Why 'get' made and not 'are' made?

"Get" can mean different things. Either way, they're made. lol
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karen wrote:
There it is again with the Mexican food joke. Sick of this offensive stereotype. You could have just said "food". For as PC as GGG pretends to be they don't even proofread this stuff to capitalize a country. Yet they time me out for some of the things I call them out on... nice, guys.

not sure if trolling. in my country we have fun and are not perpetually outraged. btw, you called them "guys". should have called them "xirs".

edit: they mentioned mexican food because it's spicy if you couldn't tell
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Reading this was (arguably) more fun than reading actual patch notes. Bravo!
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.. or cut the chances of exaltation orbs in half.. XD
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And with that process, there are still changes that mentioned in the note but missing in the live realm. Both big and small patches have this issue....
I am not a GGG employee.

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quote from the first page: "Please post one thread per issue, and check the forum for similar posts first"
Really amazed at the amount of effort and people needed for the patch notes.

Thanks for all the dedication Nick and Natalia and others involved :)
I don't know what you're paid, sir, but it's not enough.
Its very important work you do,
also rest assured that your patchnotes probably will be read 5-10 times by the "more elitish players" and probably around 2 times by the "average people". so, well and its exciting stuff too so
youre basically creating entertainment for people by making these patch notes

thanks Nick (and everyone else involved) <3 patch notes day, shame it doesn't get released further from the actual release so Content Creators have time to update builds, FilterBlade team have time to update, so their website don't crash 1hour before league launch.

AND Autistic people, like myself, have a chance to get used to the changes and don't have multiple-meltdowns that their favorite build is now fooked...

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