How Patch Notes Get Made

What are the commits for Aura Stacking nerfs?

And is Aura Stacking called that way internally as well?

Edit: Melee Strike Skill buffs, when?
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It was interesting to know that GGG is the same as our company. However, there were some differences. I pray that you will be blessed with a good wind.
This was a really fun read, thank you.
i will never complain about anything regarding patch notes or a lack of a note contained in the notes of patch ever again.
Very helpful and friendly post

Thank you
This is so cool to understand how the process happens. Makes me appreciate and respect GGG for their hard work.
Thank you for everything you do. You guys are the best.
Looking forward to the next big expansion.

Stay sane!
Logged in after a long absence just to say that I work datamining and data collection for a bunch of technical people, pulling useful data out of their raw notes on customer interactions for further processing. The phrase "These are great people and I like them, but they are god-awful at writing notes" registered with me on an emotional level.

You're doing God's work, Nick. Stay strong, and always remember. Some small few of us understand.
that sounds incredibly painful, at least the combing through commits and figuring out what changed. this shouldn't be a task for one person. isn't it possible to crowdsource meaningful patch notes? like making tags "#important" in the system, so the combing through commits is easier?
Some players who ask for nerf, certainly do not play or have no idea how expensive it is to assemble this build and left it viable, to have an idea only after 1 and a half months of league almost half and that you with a lot of effort and playing hours in a row you will be able to make a build of aura stack that is really strong, so for jealous players who ask for nerf and don't understand anything first I advise you to try to make one and then complain.
It sounds exactly like the process of a woman giving birth

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