How Patch Notes Get Made

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Hey Nick,

Curious, what has been done to optimize this? This not only sounds like a horrible manual task, but apparently also takes a lot of someone's time not to mention being prone to error.

Reading this post I immediately had a couple suggestions from things my team, or other teams I know of, do. For context, I'm a senior/lead dev.

Happy to chat, just reach out on discord. I'm Maloik on official PoE discord along a bunch of others.
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Why 'get' made and not 'are' made?

Because he misspelled 'git' made... :)
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Great post Nick, it was very informative and interesting
You should hire SteveMRE so he can just go "ok let's get this all out onto a forum post - nice mmkay".
I for one appreciate your jokes in the patch notes c: Also pretty insane to see how much effort and work actually goes in to making them. I dont know if the hype pre league would feel the same without them though so thanks for all the effort ;D
I had a feeling it might take a week to put together PoE's patch notes but hell, I was certainly wrong about that.
Nice read !
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I want to point out, that i find personal remarks bad.
I can feel, what is behind them almost to a point, where i can relate, but for a finished text, for example, they seem out of place.

Regarding patch notes:
I can see myself disliking both parts of that process, the leaving notes and the deciphering.

But i appreciate patch notes alot. I mean not like a must-have sort-of-a-thing. Secrets and surprises are cool, too. But just the tradition from all games to write patch notes really narrows down what could be considered a good standard practice for leaving a minimal amount of logs.

It's great to have that understanding like a second instinct just from playing games
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