3.12.3 Patch Notes Preview

too little to late
Talismans have a 1 in 1500ish chance to have the right annoint. Considering there are about 30 talisman bases and 6 random mods that need to be somewhat useful since they are corrupted, i'd say this improves the odds of dropping a good one by, well...

In all honesty; i like talismans though. Not that I ever had a useful one drop during the league itself or in any of the leagues after, but it could happen some day.

Seems like these fixes might make the league somewhat playable now, but after weeks of fixes for a hit or miss thematic league (which was a miss for me to begin with) i think i might just sit this one out now and hope i at least like the theme of the december league. Maybe it's just me but it feels like GGG is losing a bit of touch with their original playerbase. I mean; if their current direction nets them more users then it's obviously a good decision for them, but still kinda sad for people that liked the previous direction.
You're absolutely right...GGG could have done "nothing" about the bugs in this league when it released. The playerbase could have taken the "turn the other cheek" attitude and not cared enough about the game to comment and just silently played something different. And that would have accomplished, what, exactly? PoE is a free game. As such it relies on the playerbase enjoying it enough to spend money willingly on meaningless cosmetics in order to pay the bills. As players, we're more than happy to support a job well done. You don't sell a small company in New Zealand to a corporate giant like Tencent if that company isn't doing some things right and the players aren't supporting it.

Buggy release after Buggy release eventually will whittle away the players willing to support the cause. No support=no money to pay the bills. No money=no game eventually. So while those of us who give a damn enough to complain might seem "entitled" to you, what is actually going on is that we don't want this game to go down the same path as some of the other flash in the pan games that have come around.

Anthem, Onigiri, Hellgate: London, Marvel Heroes, Everquest, Lies of Astaroth, Telltale games...the list goes on and on with failed games. Gamers have way too many options at their disposal, and a very good share of us (myself included) have ADD or ADHD which severely limits the amount of BS they'll put up with before moving along with their life. My attention span isn't such that I'll sit around and wait a month or more to play the new content that was overhyped along the way. I genuinely like the heist premise, so I've stuck it out longer than I normally would have. But I fully understand the multitude of the "This is getting ridiculous, I'm out" posts.

GGG has to step up to the plate and get this figured out. This will not only impact this league, but will also disenfranchise some of the players on future league releases and also could have negative and far reaching effects on the sequel.

Finally, I see a lot of people with "Relax, it's only a game." True story, bro. It's only a game. But in case you haven't been paying attention, real life is a shit show right now. Riots, crime, pandemic, joblessness, more worries than good news, people aren't talking to each other right now. I go outside and instead of people waving and smiling, there's nothing but shifty eyes from behind the masks. People wondering if you just coughed because you had a tickle in your throat or if you spell doom for their entire way of life. There's a lot of uncertainty in the world right now and lets face it, we play video games because that's our escape from it all. With the world how it is right now, when our escape is also being turned into a shit show, well, it makes us a bit cranky.
Since we don't seem to be getting a guard alert rework back to functional norms, can we get an explanation/manifesto why this mechanic was thrown out on the fourth day, rather than iterated upon?
Once again much too late
Every time you nerf one thing more then 1 time its RIP.
1 flat + seconds from 10 to 5
2 increase timers from 20% to 10%
3 and opening chests from 1s to 3 seconds
4 Isla,increased time before Lockdown from 80% to 50%.

Toxic comment.

I hope im wrong.
Not sure if I'm excited or not reading about new patch.

Reduced the maximum length of a Heist in higher level areas. The number of Reward Rooms remains unchanged.
Reduced the number of Heist Job Doors along the path to the primary objective in Heists.

The most important Heist balance changes are unclear and can be evaluated only when patch is out.

sean8328 wrote:
Nice changes but are the crashes that still are plaguing grand heists ever going to get addressed???


what is the actual point of heist "improvements" when so many players can't complete heists due to the constant crashes and kicks to desktop.

these should be the priority (not just 1 line at the bottom of the patch notes saying fixed an instance crash). each league they get worse.

and before all the fan boys jump down my throat, get yourself on the bug reports forum and read all of the bugs relating to instance crashes and the players who list their high end PC specs that its happening to.
Yet another reason I never rush at the start and will never do
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Idea with talismans is super good for casual/semi-pro/ssf players i think!


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