3.12.3 Patch Notes Preview

i did 60+ heists today is better give a good exp, npcs working faster (can be faster!), maps smaller are great, reward is not that great but i managed to get a 7ex anomalous malevolence so was worthy, the grand heists are really useless all the equips and weapons enchants are so bad,trinkets+ currency give u well 5 chaos orb... talisman are not worthy the time either and now they have a random notable but who search each passive to see if the amulet have a value, u cant see what the passive do so why make this change... was a really bad change,npcs stoping moving and getting stuck in the wall if u click to do a work a bit far is just a minor issue, make the grand heist rewards better thanks (the reward in the end of each wing)

the perception totem is awful a mechanic to stop move for 10 seconds is not a good mechanic just remove this (i am sure i am not the only one just skipping all perception contracts cause they have this totem)

maybe u should nerf the number of mobs in the agility bunker is lagging a bit too many mobs in each door
this is a example of how bad a heist can be https://imgur.com/a/L9erXy3
a big room with no reward at all but at least give exp now
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I played this new patch. Heist is good now!!! Gianna still derps every 5 or so doors, but everyone else seems to be functioning!
This patch is nice however it's been a lot more laggy than the previous patch for me. Especially during delirium everything becomes laggy (kinda like during the delirium league) and I didnt have this issue before this patch.

Is anyone else experiencing these issues?
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Fix pls The Twins Conditionally Challenge! Can't be Completed because of a Bug.

Also increase the dropchance of that Contract pls...Its Ridicolous Rare!
So you didnt resolve sh1t yet again. On Ps4 the game is crashing every heist and every 2 maps. How incompetent can a dev Team be? Or you just dont care that much for it.
what the points of the enchants in the heist... always a downside -3 sockets, all blue/green/red sockets, increase attributes requeriments and always destroy the item
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