What We're Working On: Heist Week 2

Can you add a feature that when you right click the items and it will automatically transfer to specific league stashs like ( Map, catalysts, Fragments, blight stuffs,etc....). You don't have to scroll like there is no tomorrow!
The league is cool and all, but I am falling asleep trying to run these heists. 2 slow leagues in a row. Im trying to pop deleriums and chill. For the 4 hours I put in yesterday running heists for some bubble gum currency I could have spawned sirus and got some map completion done. The rewards don't feel worth the time and soooooo slooooow.
Stoked on the bug fixes and excited to fight the new bosses! Just need to find more time to play!
To me, you'r working hard on something which was perfect at realease.

But good things never remains... otherwise they wouldn't be good.

COuld the next league be : "craziest mind of the team did it and fuck you if you don't like it" ? ^^
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And no mention of further fixing broken new released/reworked skills either... oh well guess there aren't enough players playing it :D
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PlayStation 4 Crashes
The common client crash on this platform has the full attention of our engine development team at the moment.

Nice to see this on a main post, but I won't play until you fix it.
My console has been hard crashing and I know that if I continue, one of the next hard crashes will cause damage. How it got to this point and how it's acceptable to release the league in this state is beyond me.

I shouldn't be crashing 3 times per hour (or more) while just trying to get to maps and not even engaging with the league.

Please, if you are not able to fix the crashes I ask you to start looking into other options or reducing stuff in console. Make it PoE lite, experiment with it, anything you do will be better than the current experience.

Here's to hoping for a fix by the end of the league.
For no reasons Perception jobs get the treatment with outside of chests alert increase.
Skipping them entirely until/if those totems are gone.
Curious here how your experience implementation will work.

Considering that there's I dont know bug? that you can be in a heist as long as you can kill everything imagine being there grinding free exp since there's some places where there's infinite respawn of monsters.

But what do I know I guess you figured it out before me and players shouldnt expect a nerf on experience the week? or days after the patch went live.
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i think you should design the heist map should be longer because now it's short like the tower map (tier 1) as you said
add more talisman chest ? greats because heist chest is full of armor and weapons
p / s: my heist locker is full
Month by month,league by league, we are getting closer and closer to half of a league becoming an alpha test or an "early access". How about for next league, DO NOT release it till you guys properly test it and polish it.

Prolong this league for another month or so. The insane amount of bugs and problems will not get magically fixed in poe2, no one in their right mind believes that. So how about instead of "poe 2 will fix everything" you start fixing stuff now, make 4 month leagues instead of 3 month ones and properly test and patch them before you release them.

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