Content Update 3.12.0 -- Path of Exile: Heist

Delirium (Costs 16 Chaos Orbs): Area contains a mirror of Delirium. POG!
NOBODY plays Ice Storm GGG hey guys let's nerf Ice Storm maybe people will play it then. xD

The Assassin NERF is laughable the Necro nerf is laughable (lel Necro's stomped everything even with 50% offering effect).

I don't get how GGG changes 2 ascendancy nodes and that's it why not buff some under used Acendancys?
mic01851165 wrote:

What research are you talking about?
Assassin 30% usage at league 3.11
Trickster 6%.

Since 90% of necro meta is dead now, all the necro population will go into Assassin population this league.

i dont look at sc played numbers, bc they dont reflect actual overall builds strength very well. They overvalue speed and damage and undervalue stuff like defense and recovery. If you look at HC numbers or numbers in HC races you have a way better picture of actual power, bc those builds cant afford to die 5 times per map, but still need speed and damage to compete. Trickster has triple the usage in every HC league then Assasin, and the latest HC gauntlet race had 32 Tricksters and 1 Assasin in the top 100. Even SC SSF Trickster is played more then Assassin, showing that Tricksters power is way more inherent to the actual class and not to the gear it uses. Assassin received all the nerfs it needed with the removal of Harvest gear.
elemenopy wrote:
NNeto wrote:
R.I.P redemtion sentry
. RIP for you on temp leagues hahahahah. In my beloved Standard still OP as hell! Sorry league guy!

Yea it might be a standard league for me, this is trash tier

I hope you realise that these spectres were stronger than the 33% nerf. Not sure why you are freaking out. Also you have better possibilities in standard than these kind of spectres but enjoy.
How did Trickster not get nerfed? Trickster is broken and you will see it in the Hardcore event.

Doesn´t matter if they nerf it. Before other Ascandencies not getting buffed / changed with more defence you will see necros chieftains juggernauts glads and tricksters only there.
Occultist looks like non-existent ascendancy now, just a meme LLRF with new vitality and purple booms, nothing else.
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Lightning Trap, Glacial Hammer, Vaal Glacial Hammer, Ice Shot, Lightning Arrow, Arc, Vaal Arc, Storm Call, Vaal Storm Call and Stormblast Mine now each also affect the alternate versions of their corresponding elemental ailments.

Deathmark Support - now named Predator Support

Renamed to Predator Support to signify that it is not a Mark skill.
Now grants the Signal Prey skill (previously called Deathmark).

This is a buff.

Monster Changes

Raised Spectre versions of Redemption Sentries and Redemption Knights now have approximately 33% less Life and Damage than before.

Guess its time to use good old SD again.


GGG stop these pretend-to-be-balancing acts.
This is no balancing. If you want real balancing make every skill do the exact amount of damage (this was irony).

I guess you look at poe-ninja for the top 3 builds. So what?
These builds have the least amount of investment for the damage.
Why do you have problems with that?

Dont tell me its is player retention. If something has proven to work people will come back more likely.

It is not like all other builds are dead by default. They need more gear & time to do the same damage/more damage. And once its known how to easy make them work they will replace the current top 3, without the constant GGG meta shuffling.

Like i said you can never really balance the game, you can only annoy people with that constant reshuffle. Let the community/players themself re-define the current meta without your interference to skill/passive changes.

Could you please for once leave all (skill/passive) damage numbers alone for one year and look at the metrics and the associated player retention.

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no ranger buff?
Rly? Thats all?
Its Manifesto n.2 and no regular patch notes omfg.
Play someone from GGG this game, or just fulltime streamers tell you what to do omfg?
2 unfun leaagues in row, nerfs in def. ... Give it try and uninstall. No fun, no reason to play.
Hope GGG support more trading bots, for SC market ... Bye

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