Content Update 3.12.0 -- Path of Exile: Heist

necro overnerfed with league mechanic and alarms...
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TreeOfDead wrote:
necro overnerfed with league mechanic and alarms...

League mechanics bugged, necro buffed :p
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I used to really like this game, now everything is nonsensical

Boring, over complicated and obscure leagues, no new fun content, not really an enjoyable campaign, only walls of text as lore, releases filled with bugs and glitches, RMT rampaging without nothing being done about it, NERF after NERF of fun builds, and the cherry on top, a stash management nightmare.
I am actually thinking that this is one of the best leagues since Delve, in theory, but I have not attempted a grand heist yet (and don't plan to anytime soon).

I mean, you guys really got it right this time. The main character is neither a creep (Niko, Tane, Einhar), nor a 12 year old girl (Alva, Jun). The playability of this league is miles beyond harvest or metamorph.

There is one issue I have with this league once the bugs are fixed. I understand completely that you're not supposed to be able to get every chest. I like that you have choices. What is TOTALLY NOT OKAY however is the ALERT TOWERS.


They ruin the planning aspect of which chests to get and in what order. This league was obviously supposed to be about slowing down, not ripping through the damn zone as fast as possible in order to get every chest before the alert timer is up. Alert towers completely defeat the purpose of a "slow down and take your time and you will be rewarded for it." I understand that alert towers are designed to force players to slow down, but it is designed very poorly the way it is implemented.

If you absolutely have to have alert towers, this is how you do it:

Put a button on top of each tower, just like the chests and locked doors. A tower generates alert slowly, like it does now, but once the tower is "disarmed," all alert generated by that tower DISAPPEARS.

Please do this. Or remove them. These little annoyances are what make players so angry and impatient about bugs and such.
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Item tag rework completely nerfs the +value from Abrasive Catalysts with Physical Damage over time modifier on amulets.

Spent 20 catalysts and a ton of $ to get a 16% physical damage over time modifier amulet and then getting it to 19% and now its nerfed into the ground.

Why are some game-changing/game-breaking powerful items still in the game as legacy items and then this massive 3% increase of DoT damage is nerfed into the ground with no warning and legacy items are retroactively nerfed.

The lack of consistency in this game's management is as glaring as the lack of competency from your repeated buggy league launches.

Physical damage is already nerfed numerically next to other elemental stats and we are totally negated by a reflects physical mod.

Stop fucking changing my items to make your shitty coders have an easier time whilst also leaving a fucking metric asspile of items unchanged that are so OP they are still selling for 500ex+ years later.

For fucks' sake get your heads out of your shitty talisman-smelling asses and stop fucking up shit no one is complaining about while leaving game breaking shit unfixed.

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