Content Update 3.12.0 -- Path of Exile: Heist

cant w8 for start
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latest patch doesn't work normal
game doesn't start correctly

broken graphic, client crash.
2 days ago already have a large sum of patch and now after heist is starting need to download patch again? _↨_
Can now grant +20 to 30% to Critical Strike Multiplier while affected by Precision (from 30 to 50%). Existing versions can be updated with the use of a Divine Orb.

Yeah there is a long line of us spamming divine orbs at 20c minimum a pop to downgrade our crit multi by 20 points on endgame items. Great call.

Wish you clowns would have done this same "no change" on my legacy fucking blasphemers that you didnt change the stats of but did change the enfeeble on hit on.

This type of "One item that is so OP we just limit getting ever again, but other items that we think are OP we just nerf immediately, even if they transcend previous legacy items we nerfed but didnt retroactively change"

This lack of logic will necessitate I never spend another fucking cent with your incompetent leadership again.

THis is a leadership dev decision to not do hard work and fuck the small group of players, despite repeated examples of not fucking small groups of players on previous items.

No fucking wonder Shroud gets more viewers on a talking stream than all of PoE's streamers get in a week combined.

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I like the punishment curse/hex changes!
Mirror of Kalandra drop - T11 Waterways - 21/04/2018

thread/2616548 <-- Strength Stacking Blade Vortex Chieftain
thread/2526420 <-- Ngamahu's Flame Cyclone Raider Build (8-13 Frenzy)
I do not like (diplomatic) the changes, i hate them! You damage each patch my builds. I put much afford to make own builds and each times you fucked it up. IMHO you should be careful about players that support you since a long time.

You changed barrage to trigger only half of the time now => poets pens builds all dead. No inforation about this in the patch notes.

I paid money to buy some effects and tabs, but i stop this now.
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So basically everything across the board has been nerfed, but some things can be restored to previous functionality with the addition of some 100 exalt item that most of us will never get.

Did you nerf one-shot deaths that take hours of experience away too? Of course not.

Hype! POG! Woot! Can't Waaaaiiiiit!
Dear ggg
i wanted to say that after few last patches the game is bearly playable now.
Syndycate - crashes game
monolith - crushes geme
heist - lost some due to not seeing shit and went back to portal at the begenning.

went to standrd and even though i have an harvest charackter (harvest was op right?) it's dying right now from it's own flasks. this charackter wasn't op in any meaans so now it's shitty as hell.

i understant that we are supposed to try other new mechanisms in game but connecting nerfs with killing the stability of the game it just kills ALL of the fun from it ...

For me it means that it's just time to end this frustration and delete game...
but ffs loosing game (and my time) that had lot of potencial just due to YOUR mistakes ( stability and nerfing characters that were not op) makes me just disapointed..

i guess that this post won't be eaven read by u so it's time to stop wasting my time.

wish u good luck in future and stop looking only on top of a ladder of players.


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