3.11.2 Patch Notes

Try defrag your HDD first...
I am not a GGG employee.

About the username: Did you know Kowloon Gundam is made in Neo Hong Kong?

quote from the first page: "Please post one thread per issue, and check the forum for similar posts first"
Well, I patched, I played, I have 100% identical performance to before. M.2 1TB SN 750 SSD, GTX 1080, Intel 8600K. Microstutters, judders, hangs, lag, and frame skips down to sub-30 FPS with my resolution set to 2544x907 (some random window size for my 1440p 144hz screen) just like always.

So, nice job. I downloaded 25GB all over again for nothing! Meanwhile, I run games like Doom Eternal, Ori and the Will of the Wisps, and Devil May Cry V maxed out at 100+ FPS. Yet, this game, from 2008, struggles to crack 60 sitting in my hideout.
2.6.0: Removed Fun; Added Despond.
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Any torrent file or full standalone patch file download? Cannot download 23GB at home.
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Well codswallop. I was looking forward to playing now I'm home from work and instead have to wait for the whole game to download again. Lets hope it doesn't take too long.
Great update. It's unfortunate that there is now more lag spikes, latency issues, and stutters.

RIP, hopefully this is just temporary.


>login to char
>char is black for like 5 seconds
>goes to blood aqueduct
>monsters are black for good 10 seconds
>FPS jumps up and down

Now more lags.
How to play now using the poenulleffects program if the ggpk file was deleted. Are there any applications like this?
1000% more lag after this patch lul....single digit fps....
Seeing all the complaints I'm guessing choosing to do a complete fresh install of the game was a good idea, zero issues.

I do have another gripe though who's great idea was it to move the Canadian gateway (I think it's now in Montreal?) I had 15ms latency on Toronto! Now the D.C. server is better.

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