3.11.2 Patch Notes

Yup, they made it even worse, performance is even bigger hot trash than before.


You are welcome.

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I'm sad to report that my game now runs worse than before, to the point it's akmost unplayable. Which is something that didn't happen for me in 7 years (upgraded 3 years ago). In DX11 my screen freezes for seconds in random maps. With Vulkan there are less long freezes but way more small freezes.

Educmack wrote:
EDIT: With DX11 the screen stuttering went back, something that it went away with the Vulkan renderer introduction.

Exactly this for me too.
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andybiggs wrote:
i use dx11. when i enter a delerium encounter and i use dash, i get that same thing you said you fixed with Vulcan. I dash and then my screen flickers every time i dash, then the delerium textures come back.. its so scuffed.

Same with delirium smoke + dash

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