3.11.2 Patch Notes

Yup, they made it even worse, performance is even bigger hot trash than before.


You are welcome.

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I'm sad to report that my game now runs worse than before, to the point it's akmost unplayable. Which is something that didn't happen for me in 7 years (upgraded 3 years ago). In DX11 my screen freezes for seconds in random maps. With Vulkan there are less long freezes but way more small freezes.

Educmack wrote:
EDIT: With DX11 the screen stuttering went back, something that it went away with the Vulkan renderer introduction.

Exactly this for me too.
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andybiggs wrote:
i use dx11. when i enter a delerium encounter and i use dash, i get that same thing you said you fixed with Vulcan. I dash and then my screen flickers every time i dash, then the delerium textures come back.. its so scuffed.

Same with delirium smoke + dash
We have massively overhauled how Path of Exile stores its internal data files. This will result in faster patching in the future, preloading improvements (especially beneficial for players without an SSD) and improved texture quality. Please note that due to the nature of these changes, this patch includes a full re-download of all Path of Exile data.
This technical patch also includes over 300 engine bug fixes and small performance improvements.

I feel lied to. The game was playable on my laptop before this patch. I am on a 1 generation old macbook pro. The thing is designed to chew through graphics. This this can barely keep up now. I can't dodge anything in Sirus fight because just before feel the thrill or during everlasting fire as he is finishing and the quad beam starts, I have about 1.5 seconds of a frozen screen. If I pop a legion encounter, I freeze for easily 2 seconds when it comes to life. I tried running my temp chains self curse in a 5 way, and I crashed two times, and can barely get started now. This is improvement?????? Revert back so I can play the game. Why don't you take half the monsters off the screen and x2 the health and x2 the damage of the ones left. This would cause less render for older (and I use that term loosely for my computer) computers. Is there seriously no way to make this game a laggy mess? I can barely map now with my Toxic Rain PF. I lag every time i walk up to a new pack for about a half second. Please do something. Maybe look at mac gfx cards and support vulcan? If the game is supposed to be available on OS now, then it should have the same support as Windows.
A picture says more than a thousand words. I am guessing these are dump files from crashes.

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