3.11.2 Patch Notes

Update, On Vulkan seems better than before patch, on dx its horrible now. in future Maybe its good to write more detailed, where you made this improvments....
gg now the game is unplayable
it never lagged more.....
thank you for making up my mind .the more you guys add the most the lag and dc's suck so as far as i care this game is over UNINSTALLED
is there any way to play on old patch ?? if yes how to reverse it ... ffs game that practicly could be played as solo and u need those fucking patches that will randomly kill your fun. couse of "performance". and this shitty trading that u have to do with opened browser in back ... play poe with at least 3 monitors . one for crafting one for poe and one for trade... and second account with bot for trade would be the best.

Guys can u make at last trading full in game? or is this game still beta, gamma or whatever.....

lack of words....

to be honest i just hate these times with all those online games. Beck in a day u could get the patches whenever u wanted or not. now u can only sit and fight with time to manage to end sth before event ends... couse other people say so.
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Beta tester path of nerf.
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Thanks, GGG. This was much needed! :)
I had issues when exiting game, my steam froze after few seconds. I found the root cause of the problem and deleted pre-cached steam (not poe) shaders (in steam settings, they are located in Steam/SteamApps/shadercache/<poe_steam_id>/). Its not caused by this patch, maybe the previous or maybe by earlier steam patch. For me its working fine (both DX and Vulkan, no fps drops, stable 80fps on max on gtx1080)...
Except sound effects! (not ambient sound, dialogues etc - just effects like cyclone,slam,etc). Its terrible when u play with headset. Tried on my primary computer -
i use steam remote play. And so i treid my laptop directly (with headset). Both the exact same result. terrible.... before patch... like from ever since i started to play (few years erlier), never sound effects sounds so terrbile like underwater, without pitch.
i use dx11. when i enter a delerium encounter and i use dash, i get that same thing you said you fixed with Vulcan. I dash and then my screen flickers every time i dash, then the delerium textures come back.. its so scuffed.
just another small Patch hehe
Vulkan renderer has lowered its performance after the big patch, and it still a thing. Are you guys on GGG discussing it? I hope so, with the renderer is quite unplayable now. Everywhere I go with my character causes lag spikes and ugly FPS drops when it used to work flawlessly before.

EDIT: With DX11 the screen stuttering went back, something that it went away with the Vulkan renderer introduction.
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