Path of Exile in the Epic Games Store

More options to play the game is not a bad thing.
Having a BAD option is something.

Welcome to the 3 people that uses Epic launcher :D
Just one more map
wow, I'm famous!
This is no really useful cuz no one use epic store as STORE for games.
Kalebraa wrote:
While this is probably a good thing for GGG, I'm glad no one I know uses Epic games, as I've only heard negative things about Epic games.

Lol ok
v0gelfrei wrote:
Please GGG

No exclusive deals with Epic !!!

These exclusives deals are always against us, the consumer. :(

Oh, and what about Steam ?
I don't think that this is a good move and that it might backfire.

Personally i avoid everything that is on epic only. I have skipped all those games and did not even get them after they were made available on other stores/platforms.

Epic has got a lot of dislike from the gaming community for forcing the pleague of 'exclusive' titles to PC.

Another current issue is Epic trying to scam google and apple. Epic first agreed to the terms to use their shop and then used backdoors in their client/software to avoid paying anything to google/apple. While one might agree that google/apple has a to powerful position with their stores. Using their services isn't forced upon anyone. Using their services and not paying is still fraud.

My personal concerns with Epic started much earlier tho. It was years ago that i read/heard concering news about their client being very invasive. Malware, Sniffer and Spyware were some of the words used. Controversy about those issues has thus far stuck to epic games. Lastly this was brought up on reddit around 2019. However as mentioned this was 'old' news for me at that time already.

So it is indeed very worrying for me to see GGG the game developer i trust most go hand in hand with a company i completely distrust and want NOTHING to do with.

I can not predict if this brings you a sudden influx of new players who for some reason can only discover PoE through the epic games client. I do honestly doubt it tho.
At the same time this does erode trust among those who distrust Epic and have thus far completely trusted and supported you.

I can see why you would try to market your game on as many platforms as possible and do hope that this is where your partnership with Epic ends.

Still this news leaves me worrying that worse is yet to come ...
I'm a little surprised that it took you so long to publish the game on epic.
cuorebrave wrote:
Knowing their history, will you be offering exclusive MTX, exclusive PoE2 betas, etc. on the Epic store?

Will PoE2 release on a timed exclusive on the Epic store?

Will you be cancelling PoE2 from a Steam release?

If ALL 3 of these questions are answered "NO", then the more the merrier :)

But honestly, please answer those questions up front.

hey, also my questions.

to add one, how is news about the resource file handling?
is epic getting the standalone patcher?
age and treachery will triumph over youth and skill
I don't mind Epic game store as long as it never becomes exclusive to it.
not cool support that crap BM
Wise words buff -> balance <- nerf , need to happen , deal with it

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