Path of Exile in the Epic Games Store

Controller support when? :(
GGG please don't go to epic games, they are already in law suet with google and apple over some stupid shit that epic games themselves are not right about. it's gonna backfire
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Smart move. You will reach a completely new segment.
PoE 2077

Einhar: Wake the fuck up exile we have Wraeclast to burn and beasts to capture!!
Hasn't EGS only a 12% store cut compared to Steams and Apples 30% ?

That would explain why Gearbox did an EGS exclusive with Borderlands 3 last year (for 6 months).

Kalebraa wrote:
While this is probably a good thing for GGG, I'm glad no one I know uses Epic games, as I've only heard negative things about Epic games.

Epic games gives out 2 games ever week I think and these are expensive games too. Not sure what's so bad about them though.
Ahhh yes, the old addage fits in nicely here...


...plain an simple fellow exhiles!
I used network monitoring tools to check how much data Epic Games Store send out. Results were alarming - in comparison with GOG, Steam and Origin the volume of data send out the the servers in "passive mode*" was unreasonable bigger then ones observed in case of other clients.

When I blocked most of that traffic app was still working fine, so that whole traffic send out to their servers seems non-essential.

I understand that the better availability of the game, the better, but - when it comes to end-user privacy I would use stock client.

passive-mode: no downloads, no updates, app works in background, no games
would you please dont lock the chinese relam?
its really difficult to download the game without steam
every season i need to download the game with 200kbs speed,spend my whole day

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