Path of Exile in the Epic Games Store

if in the EGS we don't need to preallocate the entire frigging game every patch i am switching to it
Do you guys know when PoE Battle Royale will be released ?
Harvest core!
SkyzzoDeSky wrote:
Harvest core!

Wonder why all the time PoE is advertised with The Witch, which is master of elementals, while this class is totally destroyed as such in the past 4 years.
Start advertising PoE as it should - by the Archers - the hyper OP class.
I love to spend time just discussing stuff. :)
great jobs
The only few reasons that anyone would prefere epic launcher is either u play fortnite or its being forced down your throath with timed exclusives and such... If i had friends that prefered it over steam they would not be my friends since we would have never met 😂
I would probably NOT advertise that you're on Epic. The company isn't particularly ethical with their pricing schemes. They force platforms to uncut the prices just so THEY can make more money, at the expense of requiring customers to put with up with their trash. The fiasco with Borderlands 3 and the current fight with Apple/Google over Fornite are two pretty negative.

If anyone actually cared to play PoE, they would have no complaints on Steam or the standalone client. I don't know anyone that actually uses the Epic store (and I'd disown any "friend" that plays Fortnite) and would prefer it over Steam.
Really good so MORE people can see what a GOOOOOOOD game this is!

Keep up the good work GGG
MogwaiOfEvil wrote:

Cite your sources. While it is true the majority of players with as many badges next to their name as you don't use the launcher, majority means more than half, and I find it highly unlikely more than half of all players use standalone.

They (GGG) have said it more than once, here on the forums and in Baeclast. Many don't like using it for POE because of the updates via steam have to re-download the entire game, versus those that do not use Steam, only have to download the updates. Steam provides zero benefits for a game, unless you just want it in your Steam library. I used it for a little while, way back. Then went back because of the downloads. The number of Steam users is supposedly only around 30-35%.
A common mistake that people make when trying to design something completely foolproof is to underestimate the ingenuity of complete fools.
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