Path of Exile in the Epic Games Store

what the hell is the epic store ?
nicely done
Will POE use their graphics engine now?
This is epic news!
Guess they could not offer enough for an exlusive
Nice ! Would be really nice if u would u unban players so we can play harvest until then when benches wont be usable....
This will be great for the 4 people in the world who have EGS installed but not Steam.
Sparriz wrote:
Guess they could not offer enough for an exlusive

OR GGG knew if they tried to remove it from Steam and standalone they'd shed tons of existing players.

Tbh I'm not sure that anyone who hasn't already heard of it will hear about POE via Epic. They've really not been trying if they haven't heard of it by now anyway.
In the current PR state the Epic Store sits, it is weird to make such an announcement.

The part that brings more players is something I welcome, the part that currently shits in players faces by epic makes me shudder but I hope this means the classic update system that works for the standalone client might come to steam too, so we have a global way to upgrade which is less work for you guys.
you should add in game options for tabs "sell all to nearest npc vendor" we can pickup from tabs all we want and rest instant sell for whatever vendors give that would be some Quality of life added also that is good option to remove some of "remove only tabs"

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