Path of Exile Is Coming to macOS in September!

No more BootCamp? YES!!

Thank you for this!
And I was like, "Who is macOS? New guy?"


"Where is macOS located? Why would they go there? Is there an event there? Any freebies there?"

(nyahahaha....face palm)
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do hope harvest doesn't suck because of this macos version...
Hi! i'm high right now and who are you?
Native support for Linux user when :)?
iGrizlee wrote:
Native support for Linux user when :)?

I'd like this too. I love Open Source software. However, let's be realistic, while it would be lovely to have PoE on our Linux systems, I really don't think GGG can justify the investment in porting to a system that has somewhere around 10% the market share of macOS.

But we can dream :)
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Damn..I can feel a ProjectPT moment incoming..ewwww ..Apple
I used to play POE a lot before I bought my iMac. Now I can have some fun again it's great. Thanks
Caulder10 wrote:
Raghin wrote:
I'd avoid the macOS store unless you want them to start asking for a cut of your profits.

What % of 0 is profits?

Stores usually ask you for cut of ALL transactions made in game published there. Not just the main game but all MTX. See Epic Games and their recent Fortnite drama.
Great! But looks like an exercise in futility. You will just have to redo it nexish year when they change to ARM. The first ones are already coming this year. So it seems like an horrible timing to relase for an legacy architecture that is just about to expire.
Great news.
I'm really looking forward to going to Nintendo Switch.

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