Path of Exile Is Coming to macOS in September!

GGG just needs to be more flexible to streamers who try to bring more players with events.

I heard yesterday that players can't make prizes to players watching their lives.

So keep in mind that this can be a problem in the future.
@Natalia_GGG are you able to share what the minimum OS version is for PoE? It would be nice if users weren't stuck using Catalina as their OS due to the rather obnoxious nature of forced APFS + Catalina being the buggiest OS on the planet right now (which is saying a lot since Microsoft's 2004 release of Windows 10 broke every computer I've seen it on).

As a hackintosh user I've got decent hardware that still runs rings around even most modern Macs.

I'm assuming you will be using MoltenVK, as the PC client is slowly migrating itself toward Vulkan for superior performance (and retention of exclusive fullscreen!).

Side note: Metal does support EFS mode, so it'd be nice to have it there to prevent the scenario that keeps me from playing World of Warcraft, i.e. the Dock and anything else that sneezes or farts in the OS knocking me out of the game because there is no EFS mode to prevent that).
Why PoE must be on every known platform? They are wasting time with porting and main game dont have enough love :/
Playing marauder @ Hardcore leagues

chocotone wrote:
Shagsbeard wrote:
Will cross play be possible?

reading is hard, right?

judging your answer it is.
wan we expect a Linux client soon?
ara va de bo, que de bo va!
Better to focus on PoE 4 in my opinion. What's the point to allocate dev and design ressources on PoE 3 now ?
Finally yieaaaah
What is the oldest mac model do you guys support
love u so much

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