Path of Exile Is Coming to macOS in September!

Controller support when GGG?
I would have bought a MacBook instead of a razer if this had happened 3 years ago :D
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WTB mac supporter pack :-)
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First consoles, now Mac. Won't affect dev time or where the money goes though!
No fun allowed.™
ojala esten en el mismo servidor con los de pc
finally, PoE playing at work confirmed :D

lets see how 6core with 2Gb AMD 560X performs, i bet the macbook will melt away ...
Adolan wrote:
WTB mac supporter pack :-)

new VD MTX confirmed?!

September patch


- increased userbase by 3% with macOS support. This is a buff!
Hf :)
So when will you do a Linux version. MAC sucks.
grimmermansa wrote:
So when will you do a Linux version. MAC sucks.
It ran quite decently a few years ago through wine on linux, but the mac version was unusable due to file system performance issues that required a change on GGGs part to fix.
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