Path of Exile Is Coming to macOS in September!

This is great news. Been waiting for this since it was announced 9 months ago!!
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Shagsbeard wrote:
chocotone wrote:
Shagsbeard wrote:
Will cross play be possible?

reading is hard, right?

They didn't mention this. "Integration" doesn't mean that they'll work together.

They... they did. That's literally exactly what this means:

This version of Path of Exile is fully integrated into the main worldwide Path of Exile PC realm

You're focusing on the wrong word here. "integrated" is secondary to "the main worldwide Path of Exile PC realm". That's literally the only thing that means. "The realm" specifically refers to the group of people you can play and otherwise interact with. This is why it's separate from the Chinese realm and the (former) Garena realm.

So... yeah. chocotone may have been a bit mean but you're definitely showing a fundamental failure of literacy here.
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If anyone wanted to melt his mac, now will be the chance.
Есть один путь - наверх!

I'm on a PC but when I travel I bring my Air. Nice update I may considering getting a Pro as a result because I just could not get this damn game to run on my Air even with a VirtualBox + Windows VM where I could get pretty much anything to work except this game heh.
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dunbars number

another flood of opinions on how the game should be.

make of that what you will
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Congratulations on the achievement! I’m very happy and see us going forward, but in my opinion I think you should stop creating new things and focus on fixing the things you’ve already done,


because new things will add up to old things and our frustration will increase.

regardless of my opinion, this is an achievement, and deserves to be celebrated, congratulations to all!
bielicimo wrote:
mac sucks, but pog anyway, ggg showing they're the best company out there

I second this... Apple sucks... period! :)
But I will say good job GGG!
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Ashriel wrote:
First consoles, now Mac. Won't affect dev time or where the money goes though!

My understanding is that the console ports were done by console developers brought in (whether in-house or a separate third party I'm not sure, I'm trying to find details) for that task, so no, it didn't affect the time of the core PoE developers. As for money, of course it costs money to port to a new platform. However, a new platform means more players means mote MTX, means more money. Ask yourself if GGG, as a commercial entity, does not expect that the money spent will in the long term generate more money than it cost.

I help this helps your understanding of the situation.
Never knew that MacOS users are gamers different from "Farmvillers"
That's something new. :D
I love to spend time just discussing stuff. :)

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