The Future of Stash Tabs

Acemont wrote:
Todd Howard - with all do respect - FUCK. YOU.

They never did come up with a more consumer friendly version of that thing, did they? It was already coded and ready to use, so all they'd have needed to do was change the business proposition to lower the scumminess and they could've relaunched it. But apparently they weren't willing to offer it at all if they couldn't drain us dry...
[quote="Qarl"]Fixed a bug where occasionally Fairgraves, Neverdying never dies[/quote]
The new tabs are great and all, but I am sure you could have put them under one single league tab. A bit more cramped than that one but still would have been MUCH more convenient. Just leave the blighted maps cause they already fit in the maps tab and you can just search for "Blight", easy and fast, an useless feature. The oiling is quite good tho, that should stay. That way there will be space for the other two tabs so please consider making those 3 a singular tab as it would be a ton more pleasant <3 , thanks!
When is performance getting fixed?
bwam wrote:
Chris wrote:
Tab Affinities

You'll be able to tick a checkbox on one of each type of your Currency, Map, Essence, Divination, Fragment, Unique, Delve, Blight, Metamorph and Delirium Tabs, to indicate that that Tab should receive items that are Ctrl+Clicked from the inventory. This intentionally would not work with other items (such as rares you have picked up), as those require attention to identify and consider them.

Suggestion: This option for Premium Tabs.

The Premium Tab has a droplist of checkboxes -- Currency, Map, Essence, Divination, Fragment, Unique, Blight, Metamorph, & Delirium (boy that's a mouthful) -- and if it's checked, when you Ctrl+Click, the corresponding items go into that tab.

Now I do realize... if you could do that... there'd be a lot less incentive to get the bona fide Specialized Tabs.

But it would be a nice solution for us Premium-Tab holders.

isn't that what he mentioned with tab affinities? it's basically auto-sort

edit: ohhhh you mean specializing your other premium tabs
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Stash tab is nice. It's clear.

But when we get Polish and another language versions... Chris give green light for that. You promises that years ago. Why GGG is so lazy? You have a lot of money. Thx GGG and Chris. You are pathetic in this matter.
Yeah no, I made a stupid post because I am a new player, editing it now because, this is wrong and goes against like what Chris said at Exile Con
Est. Legion League
Noob trying my best to learn
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Thank you, but no... no thank you.

If I am going to spend my money and time in what is quickly becoming a micromanagement simulator, I do not appreciate the expectation of paying more money to micromanage even further.

I am now faced with the very curious feeling of regretting the purchases of the previous currency tabs I have bought however long ago.

When the Delve Stash Tab was somewhat recently introduced, I just shrugged it off as an additional tab for a very popular league and easily passed on buying it, thinking it a one-off. All the more fool I.

I will not say that POE has jumped the shark, but it seems that it has finally jumped the stash tab.

Regrettably with a closed wallet now, and for what seems to be the foreseeable future, I truly hope the feedback being given is taken to heart.
Just add the ability to merge league stash tabs together,i bet people wouldn't have problem to pay for that.
Having to scroll back and forth between tabs that only hold a handfull of different splinters,organs,or whatever you add is time consuming.
The space exists,one tab could hold items from 4 leagues.
Just do that,i don't understand why you go down this route with a tab per league for 10 different items.
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"Blighted maps go in the map tab but can't be searched for, so you make a separate tab we have to pay for.

Metamorph organs serve basically no purpose in the game, so you make a separate tab we have to pay for.

Delirium splinters, despite being splinters just like Legion splinters and working exactly the same way as other fragments, can't go in the fragment tab, so you make a separate tab we have to pay for.

I don't care about future QOL changes, explicitly for the reasons you just stated: they could be cancelled or changed in the future as well as taking who-tf knows how long to actually come out. I care about the fact that QOL changes that we have been begging for for months now are being sold to us. I don't want more tabs. I want improvements to features we already paid for and that are becoming less and less useful as time goes on because of pointless bloat"

Quote from reddit, but sums all pretty much.
It's hard for me to believe how greedy you have become. I'm done spending money on this game.
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You can't lie to our face then expect a promise of something in the future to work. You already lied; either fix it or people will rightfully pull away from your game.

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