The Future of Stash Tabs

1) Don't make tabs for 10-15 items/currencies only.
As many players had written before that looks like money grabbing and leads to even more micromanagement.

2) Don't introduce too many things each new expansion.
6 or 8 Blight oils "only" would have given the same feeling.
So it looks intended to move players to buy more stash tabs.

3) Make items stackable if possible.
Most (all?) things in fragment tab (e.g. vaal fragments) aren't stackable without any reason.
(But then there is no reason for a fragment tab ...)

4) Raise chaos stack size to 20.
That's for trading. For a 270c item you need 28! spaces in inventory.
And a lot of clicking.

5) Make "remove-only" text much shorter - "ro" is enough.
A long text for a very small info.

Easier moving/sorting items to special tabs is a good thing.
Grouping tabs for stash tabs is a good idea too.
Maybe this solves the problem of moving and sorting tabs after each expansion end.

The most annoying things in PoE is having to cycle through 10 tabs to deposit everything every run or two. Affinity would be the biggest QoL thing you could add to the game. Having a way to lock certain currency like scrolls and basic orbs for stongboxes and having a 1 click deposit of everything else would be even better. Or just auto-depositing it as you run over it in the maps would be nice too. All this clicking... how many millions of clicks can a human hand make before you cripple yourself? After 20 years of clicking the pain and aching goes deeper and lasts longer than it used to. Or perhaps its just that much more than it ever was in the games 15-20 years ago.

Having said that bring on the tabs. Something actually useful is far more desirable than cosmetics or loot boxes. I may buy the occasional cosmetic, but I would probably buy anything and everything that has practical use.
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At last !!! We asked for this features years ago !

// my 2 cents //

1/ microtransaction to fuse 4 premium stashes into quad stash ? I'll buy a microtransaction for that !
2/ a brand new "league stash" that will allow the storage of the current league and thus will change every new league AHEAD of league start ? I'll buy a microtransaction for that !
3/ Ctrl+mouse wheel (from anywhere the mouse is on screen) to change selected stash ? I'll buy a microtransaction for that !
4/ Arrow above or Bold font or apple size increase effect to highlight the current selected stash ? I'll buy a microtransaction for that !
5/ "upgrades" of some stashes to have more usefull display ? (ex : more "random currency slots" on the lower part of the current currecy stash) I'll buy a microtransaction for that !
6/ updates of stashes as some new league options are put into the game (the new harvest scarabs, the new offerings to the godess, ...) ?

// my 2 cents //
(And I guess there are TONS of other Quality of Life microtransactions that many players are willing to buy, wether or not they apply to stashes. Just scroll the forum for years of proposals by the players that feel totally ignored)
Thanks for the update!
I bought it for the sake of support, although i don`t need it.

Generally stash tabs have been a glut for quite some time already.
I honestly feel like you have created a problem and now you are trying to sell the solution. And a pretty bad solution, since you still have to spend a lot of time managing the inventory. When in comes to items and inventory there are way too many clicks/actions involved.

I don't remember seeing the feature "spend a good part of your played hour managing your inventory, moving items around" being advertised in any trailer for the game.

POE have so much content that you don't have to give the players inventory management time sinks. There is a lot of monsters for us out there to enjoy.

Also, please consider the health of our hands and fingers. Less unnecessary clicks will help your customers health. The secondary cost to POE is higher than what it have to be.
Folders and Affinities!


100% Ethical, most of the time.
You'll be able to tick a checkbox on one of each type of your Currency, Map, Essence, Divination, Fragment, Unique, Delve, Blight, Metamorph and Delirium Tabs, to indicate that that Tab should receive items that are Ctrl+Clicked from the inventory. This intentionally would not work with other items (such as rares you have picked up), as those require attention to identify and consider them.
I have been dreaming about this ever since I got my first essence tab. Sounds great (and will compell me to finally get the divination stash tab).
For ultra-dank-level make rares Ctrl+Click-able into the Quad tab, I'd love that.

We understand the usability concerns about having a lot of specialised tabs to manage, and believe that the changes listed above will significantly help the situation. We're sorry that we had not finished or announced these features before releasing the tabs today. It not only had bad optics but also didn't meet the transparency that we usually strive to achieve.
Chris actually apologizing for such minor inconveniences makes me love GGG even more :=)
I try this: If I disagree, I will make a sound opposing argument. It's ok to love/hate something that I hate/love. Devs know PoE better than I do. I am the only player I represent.

Chaos-Caster-guide for any class:
Poggers! I had concerns about the new stash tabs and how tedious it would be, but thanks GGG. You guys are awesome.
Atlantis_arch wrote:
At last !!! We asked for this features years ago !


definitely not.

We asked them to add slots to the existing PREMIUM stash tabs because there is more than enough space for those items. Blight maps for example can go into normal premium map stash they just need to be SEARCHABLE!

This is a joke. And because GGG right away got rightfully slapped in the face by most of the players they are now trying to save what can be saved in this PR disaster by announcing QoL improvements they were asked to implement more than 5 years ago! Just look how quickly they reacted after the shitstorm they got from the stash tab announcement! If a few people had asked for QoL improvements they wouldn't have said anything but now that they have to save this PR mess they right away throw around promises like a cheap ass politician....
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