The Future of Stash Tabs

Jerexil wrote:
1) Don't make tabs for 10-15 items/currencies only.
As many players had written before that looks like money grabbing and leads to even more micromanagement.

2) Don't introduce too many things each new expansion.
6 or 8 Blight oils "only" would have given the same feeling.
So it looks intended to move players to buy more stash tabs.

3) Make items stackable if possible.
Most (all?) things in fragment tab (e.g. vaal fragments) aren't stackable without any reason.
I think that is very valid criticism. I am not sure if GGG does that intentionally or it just happens (I really don't know). I mean, organs just scream for a tab but I don't think that was a major design goal in creating Metamorph, it just fits.

But even if GGG does 1)-3) intentionally (pretty sure 3) is intentional), I could forgive that. Afterall they have to sell something to keep the lights on and they need to give some incentive to buy the stuff. I can live with these minor annyoances (they are not too disruptive imo).

I might be biased, because I am the kind of player who never buys cosmetics but plays a sh** ton of PoE. Without new and interesting stash tabs I'd be only freeloading and GGG needs some money from players like me, too. I am happy to invest a little now and then to further pursue my hoarding and organizing addiction :)
I try this: If I disagree, I will make a sound opposing argument. It's ok to love/hate something that I hate/love. Devs know PoE better than I do. I am the only player I represent.

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amazing, already bought new tabs as I was thinking it would be really great to have tab for oils etc and boom GGG brought them xD love u guys, ppl please support PoE as much you can :)

Or perhaps just add a... "sort by type" button to quad tab.
To the MF Windripper go the spoils


Thank you very much!

I'm looking forward for the tab affinity!!!!

Adding this affinity to quad tabs as a button would also be lovely!!!
Maciek95 wrote:
amazing, already bought new tabs as I was thinking it would be really great to have tab for oils etc and boom GGG brought them xD love u guys, ppl please support PoE as much you can :)


my's too easy GGGTencent....

you could even remove the harbinger slots from the premium-currency-tab and sell those people a harbinger-currency-premium-tab.
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The fact you can store 5000 of something into a single slot, compared to whatever arbitrary normal value of like 10-20, is the epitome of "unacceptable paying for convenience".

You have complete control on whether a currency arbitrarily stacks to any given value ....the fact there is even a discrepancy between them where they all don't stack to the same value is asinine. And then you go from 20 to 5000.

A 12x12 grid of a currency in stacks of 20 is still half of what you get in 1 slot of a paid currency tab; and you have to micromanage hundreds of those stacks if you don't pay.

Hundreds. For a single currency type.

I don't see how any angle of cognitive dissonance could be used to tell players / consumers that this is not grossly appalling and scheming with greed / negligence in game development.

And we won't even get into the absurdity of some of the various currency / fragments / etc. that don't stack normally at all ....which makes buying the ability to stack an item, that won't let you otherwise, completely unethical.
I hate ppl who hate, you have 100% free game that is so great and yet still you complain like "wait, wtf why are those GGG guys trying to make so money??!!! it cant be ! they cant make money from their hard work!!" really ppl gtfo with comments like that

have a nice day :) going to place some stuff in new tabs !
I still own like 20 normal tabs Im not using since the advanced currency map and big tabs exist

Because previously you had to keep all your maps in normal tabs
Id love to see a way to trade a few of the normal tabs for the big stash tab maybe 3 or 4 to 1 ratio as the many many normal tabs are becoming more useless for me at least
You're trying to make money out of mess that you made.
It leads to more mess.
That's terrible design incentivizing more bad design calls.

How exactly picking one type of currency/thing/thing gonna solve anything?
Just please, imagine yourself dumping stuff from inventory for a second.
To keep it simple - you got 2 differnet delirium orbs and 4 essences 3 of different types, and bunch of other types of currency, for instance. You can only pick one type of currency splinter or orb or whatever. How does that help? Just walk yourself through it, holy ****. It makes it even worse because you depend on autosort and you accidentaly drop stuff where it doesnt belong, because you assume it autosorts.
/edit: I'm hoping I misunderstood what you wrote and it actually drops all types of currency/maps/stuff into designated tab. If that's the case, great, make it happen please. Not sure why you had to specify that it's "one" type of currency/maps/stuff like it matters - other points still stand.

GGG, you're great, PoE #1... but goddamn, you're terrible with UX design. In fact you're so bad and refuse to learn so hard, that it makes me believe that you're doing it on purpose, becasue $$$. Want more money? Bring back the salvage boxes (yes I know it's unpopular af but at least it solved the issue which you refuse to provide solution for free). Make portraits and character model changes mtx. What the **** is taking so long? I get charater models, it takes a lot of time to rig and animate and stuff, but portraits? Why does it have to wait till 4.0? It's been years, ffs.

About folders; there was a way better idea on reddit with sorting tabs, and it was to use free the top line above the tab line, as space for "pinned" tabs. You know how thats better? UX. You get to click once. Not open a ******* folder and then go to the tab you want, probably gonna make us close the folder as well. Thats 3 clicks vs 1. Here you are presenting your worse idea that should have been implemented a long time ago.

I liked that you made space in currency tab for more fragments and stuff. It makes it coherent and compact.
I don't like the idea of a new tab for each league beacuse it just stops working if you bloat it.

On a sidenote, you're better off buing a premium tab and just dumping your delirium orbs there. Completely useless. It's not essences that you gotta sort through. You should have made an upgrade to currency tab and sell this instead, there is plenty of space there for all those fragments.

UX. CONVENIENCE. You don't want it. You want to sell it.
So don't pretend and advertise about the great changes you are thinking about maybe making sometime in the future, that's pure bullshit.

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If you guys need money to fund the game/staff, just do it on mtx. Don't bring stash tabs into this, we need better tabs, not more tabs.

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