Path of Exile: Harvest Gem Information

I remember reading in the official reveal post that
Projectiles (from arcanist Brand supported Spells) will hit the branded enemy, but will aim at another nearby enemy each activation, so they often take advantage of Pierce, Chain and Fork effects.

my question is how is that going to interact with support gems like gmp? and especially sire of shards? will i end up having 5 projectiles that hit one target?

Im planning on doing MORB cause it looks great, what are the best link gems for this spell?
Damn... warcries are so good... now gonna have to use 4 flasks, 4 warcrys, a guard skill, an exposure spell and all that on top of my main skill. Can you allow us to use third party program to auto cast or multi cast with a single key? Please? xD
If leap slam is not here does that mean it wont be a slam tagged skill?
therg wrote:
If leap slam is not here does that mean it wont be a slam tagged skill?

Check out the list of "Slam" labelled skills here:

Spoilers: Leap Slam is indeed a slam (it's not listed in this post because it has not otherwise been changed, I'd imagine)
Regarding the Generals Cry Support:

"Attacks with supported skill count as exerted"

Does this mean all my regular attacks counts as exerted?

Given that it says on the gem that those attacks count as triggered, I'm not even sure you can use them yourself. But in either case it probably just means the ones from the apparitions.
kileras12 wrote:
What is bonus buff for exerted attack of Genera's Cry? It say attack count as exerted but don't specify what buf it have. Does it use up your own stacks? Or it don't burn them and just have this bonus?

There is not extra buff, but they do benefit from stuff like "exerted attacks deal 30% increased damage", I'd imagine.
Geez ignite and bleed should be insane with first of war + intimidating cry :) I was expecting a chance to deal double dmg not actually guaranteed double dmg on the warcry. So hyped by this!

And the winter brand stacks of dmg are shared between all brands attached or individual? And the dot they leave when removed stacks?
Do I understand this correctly:

Arcanist brand can be both used as a standalone skill to just cast the linked spell, or as a support to an existing brand spell to also cast additional skills?
3.15: Path of Nerfs?
Path of No More $ Support From Me ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Thank you for "nerfing" Herald of Purity, people who can't do math think it's worse for Facebreaker than a free 7 link. Woo!

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