Path of Exile: Harvest Gem Information

fireball pog
yay my zombies are untouched ^_^
Earthquake why????
About to roll dat ass crash and roll it all over shaper's face
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Wait one gosh darn second, i just noticed the other difference on herald of purity, reduced damage and health on minions? Whelp, way to ruin yet another build that was far from op.
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With a quick glance, something feels weird ... great, but still weird :P

Let's see :)
Captain Farms VS Captain Trips.
ericut wrote:
I thank we can do Divine Ire Brand! It doesn't negate channeling skills.

Channeling skills can't be triggered (totems work because they cast, not trigger), and even if it did work it has a 1 second base activation rate overwrite, which would be trash on channeling skills which usually have .2-.5 second bast cast time (divine ire is .22 base).
Ice Crash looks very cool though there is no vaal skill.
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tetomobile wrote:
There is a spelling mistake in the infernal cry gem "ExTerted" vs "Exerted"

Good eye, I saw that too, it's on several of the gems.

"Cannot be Exterted"

Should read, Cannot be Exerted.

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