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I thank we can do Divine Ire Brand! It doesn't negate channeling skills.
Does it only take the base damage of the skill into account (170 to 254 phys)? Surely if it functions like a true 'more' multiplier and just boosts everything after added damage and increased damage modifiers you can get into the millions without much investment if you use swiftbrand, less duration, sign of purpose ascendancy and a lot of cast speed.

with only swiftbrand support penance last something like 0,875 sec and activates once every 0,3sec so without less duration it energises enemy only max 3 times.

also that more damage multiplier is actually 150% more after first energy.

to actually get 20 stacks you need "some" investment to brand activation frequency or brand duration
So how slow of an attack will actually be bearable to use? Like, say, Trypanon with Pulverize Support for 1.8 second attacks which each proc Fist of War and Forest's Strength?
let me make it easier for ggg since spells are keep getting buffed and attacks getting nerfed why just daunt delete marauder and dualis with all melee weapons skills and supports for melee, it would be a lot quicker then just nerfing melee to the point where no one plays melee anymore
Damn actually not bad
None of those scales with bleeding... why would you do a "2 handed league" without making anything synergizing with bleeding?
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Gubert wrote:
None of those scales with bleeding... why would you do a "2 handed league" without making anything synergizing with bleeding?

i think you need to read what damaging Ailments is
Liokar wrote:
quick question for wintertide:
it doesnt have a DETACHED DURATION. i mean ofc it doesnt, detaching triggers the aoe dot debuff.

but does that mean you have to be at least minimally good at aiming the brand close to a nearby enemy or else it immediately vanishes?

actually, let me completely rephrase this:

i am not entirely certain, if the line "Base debuff duration is 6 sec" is the newly worded "can be detached for a total duration of x sec".

for all other (reworked) brand skills, the line "Base debuff duration is 5-6 sec" does also exist, which would totally speak for the rewording of the detachment duration.

however, in the special case of wintertide brand, we THEN do not know the duration of the cold dot debuff. it is not displayed apparently.

OR the line "Base debuff duration is 6 sec" ALSO counts for the cold dot debuff duration. which, frankly, would be ridiculously overpowered - so I certainly dont think so.

can any of the GGG staff maybe clarify?
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