Path of Exile: Harvest Gem Information

does this mean I get 3000% more damage at 20 energy stacks? surely that can't be correct, else 10k damage would turn into 310k?
Beyond league.

does this mean I get 3000% more damage at 20 energy stacks? surely that can't be correct, else 10k damage would turn into 310k?

It is reasonable.
Does it only take the base damage of the skill into account (170 to 254 phys)? Surely if it functions like a true 'more' multiplier and just boosts everything after added damage and increased damage modifiers you can get into the millions without much investment if you use swiftbrand, less duration, sign of purpose ascendancy and a lot of cast speed.
Beyond league.
super hyped for the new warcries and slam stuff.
I'm planning to play a self ignite Brutus' lead sprinkler tectonic slam chieftain, stacking strength to gain fat numbers.
I've tried to get as many fire effects as I can on the build, with aberrath's hooves, hopefully I can sustain rf, and infernal cry.

I'm just curious about the combust effect on infernal exerted attacks: does it trigger from my character or from the enemy hit? and how big is it's aoe? because if it triggers on my character it could be pretty useless for anything I'm not on top of with my big aoe tectonic slam
Midkraft wrote:
whauw, you actually made arcanist brand worse than both trap support, mine support and totem support XD good on you GGG i suppose i am not gonna play that build then XD

nope. they didnt make it worse then these AT ALL.

its a brand - you can leech with it, which you cant with mines/traps/totems.

also, think about stuff like firestorm, bladefall or glacial cascade.

the less aoe, the more hits on the same target, because overlap.

in the case of bladefall/firestorm, you can even ADDITIONALLY use spell cascade on top for even more overlapping hits.

and all of that PER ONE SINGLE activation. of which there are several per brand cast. and you can attach 2 brands.

the named skills + arcanist will be RIDICULOUS bosskillers, especially if you want to go poison BF assassin with instant 50+ poison stacks.
I wanted to see the level 1 versions as well
So, regarding those exerted attacks from warcries. Does it mean that you can only benefit from exerted attacks during the duration of the warcry? Say you attack 3 times with seismic cry for its duration, will the 4th one count after duration ends or not?
quick question for wintertide:
it doesnt have a DETACHED DURATION. i mean ofc it doesnt, detaching triggers the aoe dot debuff.

but does that mean you have to be at least minimally good at aiming the brand close to a nearby enemy or else it immediately vanishes?
RiP Cyclone 😢

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