3.9.1b Hotfix

Still crashing b/c of memory leaks. I was actually enjoying this league, but I just can't play w/o constant restarts.
Crashing and constantly restarting is how GGG does business.
I am still waiting for the map stash fix.

Can not play without it and will not play until it is fixed.

Map stash is the sold content and it is not working as intended.
What else can be said here?
Finally reach maps but... For example i started Beach like 20 mins ago and during that time till now i had like 4 crashes and was unable to finish map.

I just start to hate that game and ppl who made it that way.

And i was considering buing some additional pack but... no. I wont for loooong time.
I can play one map before I have to restart the game and only then if there are no master missions, Legions, or Abysses. I've pretty much stopped playing.
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Braunen wrote:
For the love of God, fix the standart map stash.

havent played other than first couple days, as i am also waiting on stash tab fix. what is the eta. and why does this happen all the time
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Uhm what's the size of this patch? Thanks!
People, the GGG developers are off for the holidays, there will be no fixes untill the next week when they come back. No point in keeping on mentioning what's broken till then :)
when we can expect fix ?
Yossa wrote:
when we can expect fix ?


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