3.9.1b Hotfix

3.9.1b Hotfix:

  • Awakener's Orbs now ignore Mastercrafting Metamods.

Players have reported that the Orb also transferred non-influence mods between items but we can't find evidence of this and can't reproduce this behaviour.
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Last bumped on Jan 31, 2020, 7:41:46 AM
Last edited by Quintinon on Dec 26, 2019, 7:20:57 PM
Ripped my dreams of elusive tailwind boots.
Delirium is a disaster of a league. If you don't like to see clearspeed meta flourish in your game, it seems obvious to me not to design an entire league mechanics around promoting a clearspeed meta.
Too late for this change now imo. Top end bases already exist now. Thankfully I'm not playing trade this league.
Cool nerf but, where is the fix for the memory leak problem?

just crafted 10 mins ago lol before patch
Jerle wrote:
Ripped my dreams of elusive tailwind boots.

What? You just have 1 boot with tailwind and 1 with elusive and slam them together.
memmory leak 8 days

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