3.9.1b Hotfix

ChanBalam wrote:
The memory leak only affects 30% of the player base and not the top 1%, so there is no rush.

If steam sampling is notable to represent all game (including POE) player

only less than 30% are using Pre-win10

I am not a GGG employee.

About the username: Did you know Kowloon Gundam is made in Neo Hong Kong?

quote from the first page: "Please post one thread per issue, and check the forum for similar posts first"
For the love of God, fix the standart map stash.
Could we possibly have this feature again and also decrease the drop rate of Awakener's orb? This can make awakener's orb like mirror level currency, which would be much more fair for other people who didn't notice the bug.
I am pretty sure there is a lot of legacy mods combination items made because of this. The Awakener's orb in standard league increased from 15exa to 170exa just before the patch...
Sitting with a full bank tab of iLevel 83 Metamorph parts because of how badly this league was designed and using any body parts STILL isn't implemented, and this is what gets fixed.
GGG should block Mirror drop for this League to make these items worth nothing
what do u think is dat gut plan ?:D

or even better make Mirror droped in Methamorp be usable only in standard League :D (after transfer )
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Vakarlan wrote:
People overeacting as usual, you can still get them but they are harder now.

Elusive/Tailwind boots are now 11 times more difficult to craft after you make the base and you can't start with the easier base. As for the weapons...probably a hundred times plus more difficult to craft. You're not going to see any more of them in the entire league, or any of the leagues to follow. There's no reason to spend the currency when those monopolizing their mirror services on these items can get them to you for 10 to 100 times under crafting cost.
now wipe the existing bases and ban the people abusing server crashes cuz its annoying
Hello from the other side
rules tightening during league is really disruptive and arguably not sporting, why not balance if you have to do something
hey chris... whaty about volatile dead bug that make the skill broken and unplayable late game.... I have a post about it wiht video showing the bug...

The ball dont despawn when you go further .. and that make you impossible to spawn ball sometime when reaching end of map.

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