3.9.1b Hotfix

Happy new year! Happy xmas and TY all ! Best luck in 2020 !
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MFairfax wrote:
When the league started I got three days good play. Then came the fix and I haven't played much since.

I am so tired of waiting on this game. I suppose it will work one day. Hell it did work perfectly right up until they "fixed" it.

D A M N A T I O N !

Pretty much this.

Situation from now: three times game crashed right after seeing Oriath Docs.
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Why so many crashes anyway?.. This game is so old, it should work perfectly by now. Yet it often breaks to the point of total unplayability. Right now I can't play at all cause game keeps crashing after few minutes.
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i tried 2 times (shaper opal ring have assassin mark lv12 + another ring have flammability lv 8)

one of the influenced-mod is gone

first one have only assassin mark lv12
second one have only flammability lv8
Sirus still bug in the air, fun.
Can't wait for that patch to memory leak. Playing Grim Dawn in the mean time. Hope everyone had a good new years!
Fischguts wrote:
Can't wait for that patch to memory leak. Playing Grim Dawn in the mean time. Hope everyone had a good new years!

Played GD during my break from PoE when game stopped workin on me during Synthesis and i skipped Legion and most part of Blith. I must say GD i kinda... boring. Personally i recommend Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing Final Cut.
any word on the influence ?

I have three regions influenced for third day now (21watchstones done).
I ran at least 50 maps from each region which already has influence in the past two days. And no encounter of the elderslayers. I tried the workaround of using the natural tiers of maps from that region but after few (which anyway haven't spawned the damn slayer for the second/third time) I loose interest in white/yellow maps which I wouldn't have touched in normal circumstances in this time of the league already.

I tried to swap hideouts as Mathil suggested in one of his videos but hadn't helped me.

Any additional workaround woodoo anyone can recommend ?
still waiting for fix
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trackrrb wrote:
any working day i sit here expecting a hotfix for this pos game

how can you leave paying customers for over 2 weeks with an unusable product without any notice?

Cause made in china, and china don't give a fck. You're welcome. As long as enough shills keep throwing money at them everything's okie dokie for 10c and little gx3.
And if you identify yourself as a paying customer you're part of the problem too, live and learn.
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