Thank You

You have an amazing people there, Chris!
Nick Kolan, Sam Jenks, Edward Tate and more, more... They were great, so real and sympathetic.
Aaaaand sorry for my english! <3
<3 you Chris! <3 for all the hard working staff at GGG too! What an amazing event! Reading this made me tear up! <3
I love GGG, such a gem in the dark modern days of gaming. Only game I play and enjoy these days. Thank you so much for PoE!
I could hardly be called fanboy but this event was really great!
PoE2 is atm the only game i'm excited about, also it is nice that warframe(digital extremes) shared some tips about the event.
I feel pretty, Oh, so pretty,
I feel pretty, and witty and gay,
And I pity Any girl who isn’t me today!
If D2 is 20 years ago classic.
I need to say POE is classic for now.
Even I don't like a lot of cores.
But you are creating history.
well done GGG.
You obviously care a tremendous deal about Path of Exile. However, my happiness and respect for all that you and Grinding Gear Games have accomplished will forever be tarnished by the knowledge that you sold your souls to get to this point.

In spite of that, I will continue playing PoE to some extent and will very likely play PoE2 when it is eventually released as well. I've been playing since the last few months of Closed Beta and will likely return to this game in the future.
GGG's awesome. Thank you.

Chris you’ve made 37 year old grown man cut onions middle of the night.. Much love for everyone @ GGG
It was awesome! Thanks!
IGN: JerleBlight

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