Thank You

You certainly topped the 3.0 hype for me.
It was so great to see how moved you were after the trailer was shown.
I was sitting in my hotelroom while on vacation, watching your stream, and I just thought to myself: "This is why I love GGG and POE". I just wanted to give you a big bear hug and tell you how awesome you are.

You guys are by far my favorite devolpers, and you keep proving why time after time. Your dedication to POE and it's fans are truly inspiring to watch.

I have played since the closed beta days, and already then it was clear to see that this was going to be something truly special.
POE 2 is looking amazing, keep up the good work, and hopefully I'll be able to meet you at a future Exilecon.

POE is my favorite game, GGG is my favorite Company, and you are a huge part of that, Chris. Love you guys!
love you <3
GGG is the greatest gaming company of all time!! Exilecon was amazing, a highlight in my life time for sure <3 Thank you to the entire staff at GGG for setting the industry standard and showing people what it is like to really love the game and love the community!
It wasn't just the audience gasping during the reveal I promise you! So excited for the future of the game and you all deserve to be supremely proud of your hard work and the joy it brings!
I can see a great future ahead!

Thanks, Chris and the whole GGG, for this amazing game (7 years of awesomeness for me)! And congratulations that you managed to make it that way! The live stream and 4.0 reveal was of historic greatness!

Can't wait for the new endgame storyline in 3.9 (although the current one with Shaper/Elder will be greatly missed!)!

thanks for the 4 surprise twitch drops yesterday and today. whereever they suddenly come from - they are very appreciated!
thank you!

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