Thank You

<3 That was great!
It was overtly obvious that you’re passionate about your craft Chris. I laughed along side you and felt a lot of emotion inside throughout the reveal.

You nailed it man.

Thank you for being you.
The only thing anyone will remember, was the creation of the 0 drops gang.

We will always remember.....................
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I thought this was one of the best gaming conventions I’ve seen. I was unfortunately not able to attend, but watched every minute of the live-streams, and I can honestly say I was blown away. The quality of the live demo was stunning. The new skill system looks absolutely amazing and looks to open up even more build customization. All of the decisions you guys make are so well thought through... I especially appreciated the “splitting the community’ view as I agreed completely with Jonathan’s example in one of the discussions where he talked about Everquest 2.

I’m far more hyped for POE2 than I was after watching the Diablo 4 keynote at blizz-con. To me it looks like you guy’s are continuing to innovate in the ARPG space in a way others haven’t shown the foresight or ability to do. I very much look forward to the content to come as we trek towards POE2.

Awesome job GGG
You and GGG are setting a golden example for all other F2P devs (and frankly, devs in general) to follow.

Thank you and congratulations!
congrat~... it was great and pleasure to follow the stream, although NO DROP!!
Life isn't what you make of it, it's already been made for you.
thank you all for your amazing work!
Much love <3
No, thank you. You and everyone at GGG that works so hard to push the boundaries of the game to ambitious and imaginative dimensions I never could have expected from the Path of Exile I played so, so long ago when Dominus and Piety were the endgame.
Plz release new supporter packs quickly I can’t wait to own it and thanks Chris and GGG you really did a great job!!!

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