Thank You

Amazing event, especially for being your first. Stellar stuff but then again you rarely disappoint. Keep being bastions of the industry!
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It was truly amazing to watch.
Exilecon was incredible to watch and I thank you for live streaming the whole event.

Every new reveal was jaw dropping and filled me with excitement, I can't wait to see what PoE 2 brings us.

I appreciate the transparency you have as developers and for acknowledging the issues with the Twitch Drops promotion you had.

Keep up the amazing work and this will continue to be the best ARPG available with the most amazing, dedicated, and caring team for years to come!
Thanks Chris and GGG
<3 love you Chris and all of GGG

Suggestion: Please change aspect of cheetah to aspect of serval, they're incredible animals and would be a wonderful addition to Path of Exile

;) I had a great weekend. Thanks for running it. Looking forward to the next one
Much love <3
It was great, thanks again!
Thanks for being someone who *CARES*, Chris. You and GGG have all earned this success, and wishing you much more of it.

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