Thank You

love you chris
Thank you and the whole team

Thank You for an amazing weekend.

Love you Chris <3
I watched the whole steam and loved it all. I had tears forming when I heard Chris barely holding it in.

I love what you guys are doing with this game. For that reason, Poe will be my number 1 game for a long time.
Thank you Chris and GGG for your continued passion in developing, updating, and iterating on Path!
Much love, GGG!
I don't think it matters what people think their playstyle says about themselves.
People in hardcore are playing a different game than people in default. Different rules, not better or worse. - pneuma, past PoE Forum Moderator.
It was amazing to be there - the whole Exilecon crew were fantastic.

4.0/POE2 - just wow! Can't wait.

It was really moving to see how you were affected by the crowd and the response.

More power to you all!
Thank You Chris and GGG

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