Thank You

Thanks much.
I saw all the online transmission of ExileCon and the truth is that I was amazed by the work of this game that I like so much, and it is seen that what is going to come is even better and I can not wait to play it and feel what felt all the people who participated in the demo this weekend ... and last click, although I have been disappointed with the prizes for watching the ExileCon online since I have noticed that many people who maybe only appeared in twich for short films periods received more than 1 prize .. and people like me who saw from beginning to end we were not received anything .. but hey
Thank you guys, the weekend was so exciting even tho I watched the entire con from home! You overdid yourselfs again
thanks to you chris and all ggg
Great job GGG.
The announcements were even better than I had expected, cannot wait to check out 4.0 I think the new system sounds interesting and useful. I would not want to have the job of converting everything in standard to that new system though. Since gems are not going in gear I would think just sorting out all the current gear in stashes that is full of gems now would pose an issue. also when converting current gems to new system will those using a gem in a 6link setup automatically get a 6 link skill gem, what about those with lvl 21 corrupted skill gems sitting in their stashes will those automatically all be 6 link gems? Anyway the announcements and streams were great, as far as I am concerned no other game company even compares to the level you guys consistently achieve and I hope to continue playing this game for as long (or longer) as I have already had the pleasure to (started 2013) and I love that everyone's stuff will not just be left out when the new version comes out. I think that really is a smart business move on your part. It was also great to get a few twitch drops from watching all the streams as well, even if they were a little delayed ;) but perhaps one year I'll be able to attend one in person. Thank You

EDIT: PS After watching exilecon and hearing of these upcoming plans, I decided I am also going to buy another modest supporter pack and then use some of those points to pick up another one of the specific stash tabs I do not yet own (still a couple I do not have) the next time I see a stash tab sale, not that they are not worth the full price but everyone likes to get a discount ;)
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We LOVE you Chris.

Thank you for continuing to improve the game and listen to the community (us).
Not many companies do it and I especially appreciate that.
That is why I have been playing PoE for many years and I intend to continue playing for many more.
Keep up the good work, boys/girls.

The livestream was really cool. The race at the end to wrap it all up was INTENSE. That was crazy and answered a lot of my "How to people get through the game so fast?" question when a league first goes live.

PoE2 was a HUGE surprise. I laughed so much with Einhar. That right there made my day seeing him on stage. The updates being made look amazing. The new gem system OMG. Goodbye days of slaving for a six link! Keep up the awesome work! Thank you for hosting such a fun event! My only wish if I had one thing to say that was negative would be I really hope you take into consideration making some quality of life changes to the trade system. Hear what the community keeps saying about it and try to find a middle ground. Even if we had an auction house just for currency items, nothing else, that would be a huge breakthrough!

I am also a huge Diablo series fan. That was my first ARPG. After Exilecon, I am going to have a hard time even wanting to play D4 after seeing what PoE2 has in store. I don't think I've ever been more proud to tell people PoE>Diablo for arpg gaming today.

I also watched the stream for both days and only got one drop. =/ Better than nothing I guess.
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it was awesome

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