[3.9] SelfCast | Arc Badge Assasin | 10 power and 10 frenzy charges | All content | ~25ex

The build seems real fun. Has anyone else tried this, can we get some gear samples here?
Also, how come you didn't get any lightning dmg / wand notes on the tree. Some ele pen seems great
Build looks good... whats the minimum ex we need to transition into this build? I might play something else and do this build once i get some more currency.

Also big question: How will it perform against bosses.. I know it has high DPS but DPS is irrelivent when you are dead :)

Do you think it'll be a good contender to do most/all of the content this league?
it's 100 ex build in 3.9 for selfcast arc?
That awakened spell echo holy sh1t.
Awakened Added lightning looks strong too,but dunno what to replace if going inpulsa route.
lmao what? jewels are weakest points on the tree? they are the best
I will update this build. It will take time, too busy IRL.

@Idx I picked best notes. Light/pene are good, but just not so good. Fun fact: Cuz of (almost) no lightning/spell-specific notes, Arc can be replaced with literally any other spell in a game.

@Nevzat Survivability of this build is pretty good. Not a tank for sure, but not a pure class cannon either. I know nothing about this league, will test ;)

@5m1e It was a 10ex build. Don't know anything about current prices.

There is a prefix on helmet that grants +1 to maximum power charges. This opens up bettter options for the head slot compared to the previous corrupted one i think.

You might even get the prefix and the corrupted mod.
And new suffix on armor: 10% chance to gain a Frenzy Charge on Hit!

Build is still as good as it was. But updating will take some additional time.
I want to get rid of Timeless Jewel, now it's finally possible.
Thus, without Timeless Jewel, transition to this build should be much easier.
Since there is no life leech, why wouldn’t you go Chaos Inoculation and take advantage of energy leech gem/nodes? Wouldn’t that make this build infinitely more defensive?
Without the Badge what kind of DPS can you expect? I can afford the 2 Void Batteries right now, but not the 10ex amulet

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