[3.9] SelfCast | Arc Badge Assasin | 10 power and 10 frenzy charges | All content | ~25ex

Hello guys, just wanted to present another idea how to get Aspect of the Cat in this build.

You can use Unset ring with crafted Aspect and then use the less duration gem in it. I think the most important mod is Lightning dmg per Power charge. You can add more flat dmg. incr. dmg or even Conductivity but it may be tricky as you have lot of lightning mods so I decided to go for resistances instead so I can wear Headhunter later. Harvest is crazy and you can craft some neat items for this build:

P.S. I mean no bragging just wanted to share some ideas :)
Hello again, so even better solution is to use frenzy charge duration as an implicit on jewels :)
I hope someone will make a new arc/crackling lance build now the OP has abandoned this one. One that can transition into the final build as a leaguestarter would be great too
I will be playing build on STD since I crafted some nice items in Harvest, but the build will get some nerfs cuz of lowered crit values on Deadly Infusion. Although 100% crit chance is not that crucial like for CoC Nova assassins for example.
Question why does you main skill 7l in a 6l chest?
Obviously you dont use 7l, some gems are replacements or different options, it's explained below.
For life leech seems good?
valbanil wrote:
For life leech seems good?

I think it's quite good as a budget version, for mid-end game I'd use Doryani's Lesson on cluster jewel.
Ring is nice life leech is double , I use also
maybe it's too much and I have to remove one for life
I just got a Glorious Vanity that also happened to give a "lightning damage leeched as life" notable.

anyways, i am trying to make this an Arc + Discharge build, with Arc being 4L for clear. Anyone got tips for that? I'm in standard and i have most items already.

Lastly, my survivability isn't crazy. I'd love to get more. i guess i need a better belt and jewels. I also don't have phase acro yet, but it's SO expensive (in terms of passive points)
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