[3.9] SelfCast | Arc Badge Assasin | 10 power and 10 frenzy charges | All content | ~25ex

WOW! This build is insane. Lots of lots of lots of damage.
Anyone got an idea if this build will work in 3.10?
Is this going to be updated for 3.10?
Hi, need some help with this build - have a look at my profile and pls tell me how to fix my life, es and single target. I've played with PoB with 116 skill points but even by grabbing every es node i hover around 1900es with thread of hope trick with 3800-3900 life. Literally every spell crit chance/multi damage node and arc links at 21/20 with supports 20/20 is still bellow 2 mill shaper without flasks. Is it a matter of crown of inward eye, flat lightning on rings and awakened gems? Anointment should be golems blood or 15% life node, i think.

Just how do you get 4k es based on gloves and helm?!
What are people doing to up their single target damage? I can roast maps, but bosses seem to take forever and get real sketch. Can't even imagine doing conquerors+. Any tips on upping the single target? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Really enjoying this build but need to figure out bossing... (I do have awakened added lightning but it's level 1 so I am using inspiration in that slot currently as per the guide)

My pastebin:
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im doing this build and its totally insane DAMAGE. i have no problem with BOSS at all,just spam arc and flame dash and flask, not more than 4 second for Conqueror A8.

map clearing also so fast, I try head hunter and not much different speed for clearing.

here is my gear.


you can see my tree on my character info.

any question can ask me
Hi, what jewels are u using? any cluster jewels?
Hi, can you take down Sirus with this build in 3.10?:)
hi there started this build to have some dun few days ego ,well I like it !

just one question how do you survive against single target with DMG ? since we have almost no leech / regen it feels hard when we take damage to survive...

Any advise ? ty =)
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I will answer immediately all the questions that are written above:
1. Sirus A8- deathless
2. Simulacrum 20 waves - deathless
3. Leech on the maps - urn
4. Single target - enough with farrul
5. Regeneration - from the ring (for me)
My profile is public, nickname - DugiDrain
I apologize for my English in advance
Easy clap, i did a version with 41% double dmg chance with cluster jewel xd

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