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[3.9] SelfCast | Arc Badge Assasin | 10 power and 10 frenzy charges | All content | ~25ex

More than two times worse, ~2m dps. And survivability will also suffer.

I think so too.
In the last league I started working on ES version and crafted some ES gear to try it. But RL knocked on my door, and I did not finish it.
In addition, I have never played any ES build, lack of experience makes creating very slow.
That's where I ended up
Updated to 3.9
Hi. can u remember the number of commissioned coin for 10% frenzy charge on hit?
Mine was 27960
But timeless jewel is no longer needed, forget about it.
How is the tankiness holding up so far in Metamorph? Im bored of my CoC cospri build because its quite squishy with 2 cospri's and this looks fun but im worried about the random 1 shots that tend to happen from the metamorphs.
IGN : thephilosopher
Hard to say, I'm still at leveling/equipmenting phase, missing two core items.
Badge of the Brotherhood... that's actually the worst thing that happened to this build in 3.9. The total budget has grown from 10ex to 20+ex.
Hey. Want to try this build. Any tips for leveling?
I do not recommend this build as a league starter. Specific, very expensive items are required. 20ex+ as a starting budget.

Yo, The build is great, so much fun doing it, awakener at 32 watchstones done too :).

Not sure what to upgrade now, but will work around it :D xD
Glad to hear that Sirus and the other endgame content is not a problem. I'm far behind in this league, and still had no opportunity to test it myself.
And thanks for posting your items, will use some of them as an example :)

About further upgrading:
Cinderswallow Urn with 3%health and 3%mana, quality on all flasks.
Enchants on helm/boots/gloves
Better helm/boots/gloves? Evasion based? But that's very expensive and crafting might be a bit boring.
Timeless jewels. Glorious Vanity/Lethal Pride/Elegant Hubris. Crazy randomness, however with some luck they can double your damage.
Better Watcher's Eye.
Jewels with life and several crit multi mods:
Syndicate. While Aislin is on Research safehouse, and at least rank 2, she can add two veiled mods to rare items. So your body armour can have % Increased maximum Life&Mana AND something like 10% of Maximum Life as Extra Maximum Energy Shield.

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