[3.9] SelfCast | Arc Badge Assasin | 10 power and 10 frenzy charges | All content | ~25ex

How do you sustain mana? thats the only issue im having
Recovery from the Cinderswallow Urn is more than enough to always keep mana at 100%. And Mana Flask is used for quick "healing" after being hit.
Got a Timeless with:

10% inc damage p\ frenzy - Agility
80% Spell damage - Might
10% chance gain frenzy charge on hit - Mental Rapidity (currently annointed)

Sounds pretty good right?
The best jewel I have seen so far. Congrats!
After some tests I decided to change defensive skills links. Withering Step was to weak and weird, replaced with Curse on Hit and Cold Snap.
Great build. Got to 97, beat uber elder and cortex. Very cheap and farmed all of my currency for my other builds this league with it. Nailed a timeless that has 40% crit multi, 10% damage per power charge, and frenzy charge on hit. Also got a chest piece with both arcane surge and +1 to skill gems. Selling all my gear now to respec so hit me up.

As another guy asked above, how do you sustain mana? Lets say you get hit really hard and loose all your mana, how do you sustain it back up?
Life and mana flasks.
We don't need them 99.99% of the time, cuz main recover comes from Cinderswallow Urn.
But I still keep them, just in case as you presented.
Get ready my friends. The Arc buffs are coming.
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I am planning to try your build in the upcoming league. Will you keep updating it?

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